Decorate your Halloween party with these festive rosettes

Decorate your Halloween party with these festive rosettes
Decorate your Halloween party with these festive rosettes



It is Day Two of Paper Calliope’s 13 Days of October and guess what! Halloween does not have to be all gloom and doom.

You can move away from the creepy and the scary by throwing a festive and fun Halloween party full of colorful cheer. If you do, make sure you decorate with these eye-popping Halloween rosettes.


Tutorial to make Halloween rosettes

I love the bright and bold patterns of Whisker Graphics Bitty Bags and decided I just had to use them in this year’s Halloween decorations. It turns out that the paper these bags are made out of is the perfect material to make lightweight rosettes that can hang in an entryway or party room.




Step 1

Cut off two edges of a Whisker Graphics Middy Bag so that one fold remains  and the bag opens into one sheet of paper. You can vary the diameter of your rosettes by choosing which edges you cut off (so that the bags opens either horizontally or vertically). You can also trim the bag to a more narrow width to make smaller rosettes.


Step 2

Trim off any serrated edges of bag

Step 3

Score the paper every 1/2″. I have a couple different scoring tools, but I found that the Martha Stewart Scoring Board was the easiest to use for this project.


Step 4

Fanfold the paper along the score marks.

Step 5

Repeat Steps 1-4 several times. This number will vary depending on the size of your rosette.

Step 6

Glue several strips of fanfolds to each other. Make sure the joints of the glue strips form a continuous zig-zag. Continue joining the strips together until you have formed an accordion circle.


Step 7

Now it is time to make the center of the rosettes. Cut or punch a circle from orange, black or purple cardstock. Decorate the inside of the circle with stickers, letters or Halloween shapes that you have made. You can also layer the center so it has two or more coordinating colors of circles.

Step 8

Assembling the rosette–Hold the accordion strip up so that it stands on one edge. Using both hands, gently flatten the upper edge of the circle down towards the center. While holding the rosette in place, hot glue one of your center circles to the middle.

Step 9

Punch two small holes one to  three inches apart at the top of the rosette. Thread Whisker Graphics Divine Twine in varying Halloween colors through the holes and tie in back. Leave a long piece of Divine Twine attached to the fan so that you can hang your rosettes at varying lengths.


It may be created from a Bitty Bag, but this Halloween Rosette has a whopping 17 inch diameter!

Step 10

Once you got the hang of making these Halloween rosettes, you can up your game by adding Halloween shapes to the edge of the rosette. To do so, simply draw a horizontal line on the back of each strip of paper about two-thirds of the way up the paper. On a separate piece of paper draw a small Halloween shape and cut it out. Use this shape as a stencil and trace it at regular intervals along the pencil line that you drew. Then cut the strips out following this new pattern and proceed to score and fanfold the strips.




Stuff I used

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