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Getting rusty

Getting rusty


Remember when rust was considered a bad thing? Now altered art enthusiasts cannot get enough of it. In fact, we even try to turn not-metallic things to rust. All the elements on this tag are paper, yet adding some paint techniques to Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts Lock and key really makes them appear rusty.


I wanted to share this tutorial which was recently featured at Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts. I learned the basics of this faux rust technique from watching tutorials by Andy Skinner. I took his basic technique and adjusted it to my own whim and supplies on hand. Of course, the snark is pure Betsy Skagen! Read the rest of this entry

Breaking news: E. Bunny reveals how he delivers that Easter candy

Breaking news: E. Bunny reveals how he delivers that Easter candy


The chocolate eggs and jelly beans have all been delivered (and probably eaten) by now, but I’m certain many of you are still wondering how Mr. Easter Bunny gets all those baskets delivered on Easter Morn. He certainly doesn’t have the benefit of flying reindeer.

You can put all your wondering to rest because for the first time in the history of Easter Baskets, Mr. Bunny aka Peter Cottontail recently revealed to Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts just how he gets those candies to you.


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