Getting rusty

Getting rusty


Remember when rust was considered a bad thing? Now altered art enthusiasts cannot get enough of it. In fact, we even try to turn not-metallic things to rust. All the elements on this tag are paper, yet adding some paint techniques to Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts Lock and key really makes them appear rusty.


I wanted to share this tutorial which was recently featured at Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts. I learned the basics of this faux rust technique from watching tutorials by Andy Skinner. I took his basic technique and adjusted it to my own whim and supplies on hand. Of course, the snark is pure Betsy Skagen!


Step 1 – Place your tag in an embossing folder and run it through your die cut machine. My tag was bigger than the folder, so I needed to line the pattern up carefully and run it through a second time.


Step 2 – Add some textured sand paste with your finger. Or if you have run out of a textured paste like I did, go ahead and use some artificial snow–hee hee.


 Step 3 – Cover your tag with a black acrylic paint. Let dry.


Step 4 – Mix Payne’s Gray acrylic paint with a bit of white paint and stipple it onto the tag. Let dry. If you wish, dab a sponge into black paint and darken the edges of  your tag.


Step 5 – Paint a coat of Quinacridone Gold over the tag.


Step 6 – Once dry, spray your tag with matte varnish. This removes the shine. When that has dried rub the tag with a graphite pencil.


 Step 7 – You can use the same technique to create rusty chipboard pieces. As you can see here, I make a large lot of rusty pieces at once so I can use them in future projects.


 This technique really makes paper products look rusty!


Step 8 – To continue making the tag, place a piece of teal cardstock in the embossing folder and run through your die cut machine. Then, use a gray or brown pencil to lightly sketch in the honeycomb crevices.


Step 9 – This is a piece of chipboard that I had used numerous times as a stencil. As you can see, it ended up looking so lovely, I decided to use it as part of my art. The chipboard pattern is discontinued, but GSL has plenty of other Texture Sheets you could use.


 Step 10 – Adhere your doo dads and ephemera.


 Step 11 – I printed a picture of my ancestors and typed up a little snarky saying to complete the tag.

Great Stuff

Cupid’s Shape Set
Texture Sheet
Manilla tag
Texture sand paste (or artificial snow!)
Quinacridone Gold acrylic paint
Payne’s Gray acrylic paint
Black acrylic paint
White acrylic paint
Matte varnish
Beacon 3-in-1 Adhesive
Embossing folder
Family photo
Snarky text
Teal velvet ribbon
Teal doily

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