Artist Trading Block: “Rain” #2 in Jane Austen ATB Series

Artist Trading Block: “Rain” #2 in Jane Austen ATB Series
Artist Trading Block: “Rain” #2 in Jane Austen ATB Series

Several months ago I began my foray into the world of Artist Trading Blocks (ATB) with a sculptural block celebrating Jane Austen’s Emma.

A delightful quote from the 1996 Jane Austen movie Emma, starring Gywneth Paltrow, inspired me to create that first ATB. Yet, a second line in the movie, when a drenched Mr. Knightley proclaimed his love to Emma, also caught my attention.

“I rode through the rain. I’d ride through worse than that if I could just hear your voice 
telling me that I might, at least, have some chance with you.” 

As the months went by, my desire to make another Jane Austen ATB based on this line only increased. Finally, as our long winter finally slid into spring, and our own rains began, I decided to go ahead and make this ATB.

The trouble is, I knew what I wanted it to look like and I knew it would not be easy. Then I came across The Robin’s Nest Sea Glass Tear Drops and I knew I had found my perfect raindrops.

I might write a tutorial for this ATB in the days ahead–but this project took so long to create and I am so pleased with the results, that I am reverting back to my five-year-old self and cannot wait any longer to show it to you.

Introducing: “Rain” #2 in the Jane Austen ATB Series:

Artist Trading Block Rain by Paper Calliope

This is how the Rain ATB appear when it is closed. Mr. Knightley’s horse sits atop the box.

When you lift the lid, Emma–protected from the elements by her umbrella–rises out of the box.

Fully removed the box, Emma stands under her umbrella, while Mr. Knightley declares his love to her.

The top is invisibly attached to both the umbrella and Emma, so that when the top is removed, Emma, the umbrella and the rain come out of the box as a unit.



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  1. I absolutely love this Betsy! The construction of the box, the raindrops and the wonderful figures you’ve created really make me want to have a go at something like this. Margie

    • Eileen, I am humbled. High praise when it comes from the inventor of Artist Trading Blocks! Thank you.

      P.S. Just today while on my walk I came up with another ATB plan using your die that would appeal to the novice crafter. Thus, I must admit I don’t yet have your die–I haven’t found it in any local stores. When I looked for it online, I wasn’t clear if it was one die package with three sizes or if each size is sold separately. If that’s the case, what is the size of the largest die?

  2. These boxes are so wonderful! And since it’s Jane, they always, always make great gifts. I love both how simple they are, and yet how clever. Do you have a tutorial?

    • Thank you Dapoppins 🙂 You are right, they look simple, but they definitely were not simple to create, ha ha. I am hoping to write a tutorial for Rain, but have not done so yet. Life took me by surprise this week. Hopefully next week I will be back on track and full steam ahead.

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