Who’s for dinner on Halloween

Who’s for dinner on Halloween


There was a time when I needed place cards because I regularly hosted dinner parties.

That however was a long, long time ago. That was back when I religiously memorized every issue of Martha Stewart Living.

Then life changed. Martha donned her Orange is the New Black party clothes and my life became consumed by family health care needs.

Sadly, nowadays–my guest list is purely imaginary. But hey! At least my imaginary guests will have place cards to die for!


Tutorial to Make Halloween Place Cards

Step One--Cover four wooden spools and four thin dowels with black acrylic paint and let dry.


Step Two–Take a piece of wire in a Halloween color and spiral it around a pencil.

Step Three--Repeat with two more pieces of wire in other Halloween colors.

Step Four–Slide the coils off the pencil and onto the dowel. Insert into the middle of the spool.


Step Five–Repeat Steps Two through Four three more times.

Step Six–Ink the skull stamp with black distress ink and stamp onto white cardstock. Make at least two stamps of this.

Step Seven–Trim around the stamped image and cut in half.

Step Eight–Color in the star on the skull with orange stickles. Let dry, then add a second coat of Stickles.

Step Nine–Cut a piece of black cardstock slightly larger than your stamped image so that it is 1/4″ border on all sides.

Step Ten–On the back side of the skull stamped image, place adhesive on the top and two sides and adhere to the black cardstock.

Step Eleven–Slide the dowel with coils into the opening between the skull paper and the black cardstock.

Step Twelve–Print out the names of your guests using a creepy font. Cut out the names in a small rectangular shape. Use a blending tool to ink the edges of rectangles with black ink.

Step Thirteen–Glue the names to the place cards.

Step Fourteen–Adhere Halloween-themed ribbons around the center of the spools and you are ready for your dinner party. Well, ready, if ready means that your fairy godmother came over and did all the cooking and cleaning.

I’ll see you soon. I’m off to have dinner with my imaginary friends. In the meantime, here’s a link to the amazing skull stamp.



Great Stuff

Tetes De Mort Cling Stamp

White Cardstock

Black Cardstock

Black Distress Ink

Black acrylic paint

Four wooden spools

Four wooden dowels

Craft wire in black, orange and white


Orange Stickles

Halloween Ribbon



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  1. I am in the same boat you are….but I never thought to make place cards for all that have gone before!! what a magical idea. Might even set some skelly friends at the table….GREAT FUN!!! xoxoxo

    • Love the skelly friends at the table. We have done that with monsters in the past. I was going to put a skeleton on a bicycle in our yard, but somehow all the skeletons in storage in our garage have decided to hide in some unknown place this year. Fun fact–in the haunted house builder world, skeletons are called buckys.

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