Who knew? I should use my Playstation to craft altered tags?

Who knew? I should use my Playstation to craft altered tags?

Question: How do crafters solve problems?

Answer: Just Like everyone else. They Google it!

The problem I need to solve is that I think I must be the slowest crafter in the world. A visit to Facebook leaves me frothing enviously at the astounding rate that many of you produce your art. DO YOU PEOPLE NEVER SLEEP?

Wait, a minute. I never sleep (well, just about, anyway). So I have been trying to figure out how I can be so stinkin’ slow? In desperation I turned to Google for wisdom.

Oh Google, how could you fail me so?.




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  1. I never feel like speed needs to play a part in my crafting. I look at my crafting time as a fine meal, to be savored and enjoyed, and hopefully stretched out long into the evening. It’s my time of less stress, with no one calling the shots but me. Crafting should be fun and rejuvenating, not a race to see who makes the most stuff the fastest. This is just my unprofessional opinion.

    • Holly, You are absolutely correct! I love how you say it should be savored and enjoyed. My challenge, (which I did not adequately explain) is that since I’m now a professional crafter, I’m feeling the pain of trying to juggle simultaneous deadlines. This does not work well with my favorite way to craft, which involves all-night crafting accompanied by mindless binges of entire television seasons and entire 12-packs of Diet Coke with Lime.

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