Make colorful flower napkin rings from paper bags

Make colorful flower napkin rings from paper bags
Make colorful flower napkin rings from paper bags



These beautiful napkin rings humble me. Why? Because I attempted to create some mother-daughter bonding time by crafting floral place card settings. As I struggled in vain to figure out how the flowers could uphold the name cards, my daughter breezed in, took one look at the project and said it would be much wiser to make napkin rings. I had to admit, she was right.


That, my friends, is just the beginning. It turned out she was right many more times. She was right when she suggested we scallop the edges of the flowers, she was right when she said the flowers would look better if we made the centers with a paper fringe, she was right when she said we should add leaves and she was right when she suggested running the pipe cleaner through the leaves.

Just who is the professional crafter around here? I pride myself on my creativity, but it is nothing compared to the unhindered mind of the young.



Tutorial: How to make floral napkin rings from paper bags

Step 1 Cut a Honeycomb Middy Bitty Bag open along one side and the end. Peel off the bottom seam.


Step 2 Cut an oval with a scalloped edge (but not too elongated) from the bag.

Step 3 Cut the circle into a spiral.

Step 4 On the top edge of the spiral, cut out a scallop pattern.


Step 5 Beginning at the outside edge of the spiral, cut a fringe that continues for about 3-4 inches.


Step 6 Beginning at the fringed end, roll up the spiral. Continue until you have tightly rolled the entire spiral.

Step 7 Gradually loosen your roll until it creates a flower shape. Spread out the center fringe. Hold the flower in place and hot glue the flower into this position by adding glue to the end and bottom of the roll.

Step 8 Cut a Green Chevron Middy Bitty Bag  open so that you have two sheets of paper. Glue these papers back to back. Cut out a double leaf. You should be able to fit several leaves onto this paper.

Step 9 Punch two holes in the leaf about 1/2″ apart.

Step 10 Thread a green pipe cleaner through the leaf.


Step 11 Hot glue the flower to the leaf, where the pipe cleaner runs through the leaf.

Step 12 Form a circle with the remainder of the pipe cleaner, twist together and trim the spare ends.

Remember reading about the new puppy? Well, Boomer is getting big and has a certain penchant for photobombing

You might have read about our new puppy. Well, Boomer, who is getting a little bigger, has a penchant for photobombing.

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Really? He had to do that right there? Right then?

Really? He had to do that right there? Right then? This was not the hostess gift I I expected.

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