Christmas in July–Add some whimsy with Whoville trees

Christmas in July–Add some whimsy with Whoville trees


It may be the middle of summer, but the folks at Smoothfoam and Robins Nest are celebrating Christmas.

Smoothfoam gave 2015 Robin’s Nest Design Team members the challenge of creating a Christmas themed craft for a bloghop that takes place today at Designer Crafts Connection, a group of premier Arts & Crafts industry designers.

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I have to admit, it was a little hard getting in the Christmas spirit during a sweltering and humid July. Looking through the Robin’s Nest Papers, I was inspired by their Cindy Lou cardstocks. Having loved the looping and twisting worlds of Dr. Seuss since I was a girl, the 12″ x 12″ Smoothfoam was perfect for creating whimsical trees reminiscent of Whoville.


Tutorial to create Whoville-like trees

Step 1 Create a template by drawing a large tree onto a 12″ x 12″ plain white paper and cutting it out. Make sure to create a base at the bottom that will stand upright.


Step 2 Place the template on the Smoothfoam and trace around them, pressing lightly with a pencil.

Step 3 Use the Creative-Versatool, with the blade attachment, to hot cut the the tree from the Smoothfoam.

Step 4 Select a ribbon that is 1/2″ wider than the edge of the foam. Cut small 1/4″ slits on both side of the ribbon every inch or so. You can place the ribbon along the edge of the foam to help you determine where to make the slits. The slits will help the ribbon bend at all the curves. Hot glue the ribbon along the edge and hot glue the sides down.



Step 5 Repeat steps 1-4 to create two smaller trees.

Step 6 Trace your tree templates onto two sheets of the dot side of Cindy Lou Dot Glitter Cardstock, two sheets of the other side of Cindy Lou Dot Glitter Cardstock and two sheets of the swirl side of  Cindy Lou Swirl Glitter Cardstock and cut out. Hot glue the paper onto both sides of the Smoothfoam trees.

Step 7 Cut small segments of metallic green pipe cleaner. Curl each one. Press into the end of each branch of the trees.

Fantabulous stuff I used

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