Treasures await beneath the sea

Treasures await beneath the sea
Treasures await beneath the sea


Only the Mermaid knows what timeless treasures and crusty old bones hide deep beneath the Sea. Nuggets of gold, silver platters, ancient relics…the fierce Mermaid and her scaly steed guard this watery tomb.

BetsySkagen UndertheSea-122815

Apparently one sailor enjoyed his spirits to the very end since he is still clutching his glass.


To begin this project, I assembled the 3D Treasure Chest, and scored it with lines 1/4″ apart.


Next I made decorative elements using Creative Paper Clay and silicone molds.  I also used the clay and molds to make many of the treasures.


Then I painted the entire thing chest with Salty Ocean Distress Paints and gray, white and burnt umber acrylic paints.


I attached Graphic 45 Voyage Beneath the Sea cardstock to a standing dome, and let the fun begin.

BetsySkagen UndertheSea-122807

The rest of the project involved using acrylic paint on the chipboard coral and the decorative elements. I also made sure to give the old artifacts and bones a crusty ocean bottom look.

This project also involved lots and lots of fussy cutting, which is the next best thing to meditation.

Who knew?… Since I don’t fish, don’t own fish and don’t necessarily even like eating fish, I never would have imagined this, but I keep find more and more uses for the Fish Tales Collage Sheet.  I guess I won’t be floundering for op-perch-tuna-ties to use it again. I know you will be waiting with baited breath.

BetsySkagen UndertheSea-122817

Bad puns aside, I had so much fun filling the treasure chest with ancient relics, gold nuggets and old bones made from Paper Clay, leftover Halloween skeletons, fish, seashells and even some buttons.  I brought the whole project together by illuminating the chest with mini aqua lights.

The outside include dishes (Alpha Stamps has an amazing offering of miniatures), a mirror and comb set made from clay, ancient statues, coral, moss and much more.

BetsySkagen UndertheSea-123047

BetsySkagen UndertheSea-123247

BetsySkagen UndertheSea-123130

Here is where you will find the supply list to make your own Under the Sea treasure scene. A few other materials I used include assorted acrylic paints, some old dollhouse supplies (which Alpha Stamps  has oodles of) and my go-to adhesive Beacon Fabri-tac.  Thanks for visiting. Please stop by and leave a comment on their blog page.

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