A feast for the eyes

A feast for the eyes
A feast for the eyes


So it turned out to be serendipitous that Alpha Stamps asked its designers to create something Alice-themed this month.

Because my daughter will be a unicycling performer in an upcoming Alice in Wonderland Circus production this summer, Alice has been on my mind a lot more than usual. Considering that Alice was never on my mind before now, this isn’t exactly an earth-shaking change.


I decided to make an Alice-themed paper cake. In a strange turn of events–as if we could expect anything else from Alice–a fellow teammate also created a paper cake. What’s wonderful is that both cakes turned out completely different from one another.

Teammate Lori Mahaffey created an elegant Alice cake that would be perfect for any bride. My cake, on the other hand, is more like the progeny of two HGTV shows–one featuring baking and one about vintage trash to treasure.

I hope you check out the amazing Lori’s cake featured on the Alpha Stamps blog. In the meantime, here are some details on my Alice in Wonderland altered paper cake.


I adore these miniature cups and saucers balanced precariously atop each other. What’s more, Alpha Stamps offers an rich bounty of trims ranging from translucent garland to red pom poms to pink sweeper fringe to silver tinsel.



The abundant number of Alice themed collage sheets that Alpha Stamps offers, is simply delightful.


The cake sits on a platform created from a chipboard cube available at Alpha Stamps and decorated with pages from an old Alice in Wonderland book, assorted Alpha Stamps Collage Sheets, mushrooms, Dresden trim, rose trim, chipboard props, metal keys, flowers and plastic mice from my personal stash.





I made the base of the cake by cutting and painting circles of foamcore and layering them between vintage wooden spools.I then made large rosettes and round paper pillars from pages of an old Alice in Wonderland book.


Next, I added trim to the base and edges.


Finally, I just added layer upon layer of fussy cut collage images, Alice in Wonderland chipboard shapes, doo dads and trims.





Please visit Alpha Stamps to see the basic supply list.

Great Stuff

Collage Sheets:

Looking Glass Hidden Book Box Part 1

Wonderland Book Box Part 1

Tin sized Alice

Mad Hatter’s Tea Party Paper Dolls

Mad Hatters Tea Party #1

The Mad Hatter Collage Sheet

The Red Queen

Tea Party Alice

Tenniel’s Alice

Alice Characters

Wonderland Rabbits & Hares

We are all Mad Here


Queen of Hearts #3


Antique Bronze 3d Rabbit Charm

Antique Bronze White Rabbit Charm

Fancy fan 7/8 lace

Silver tinsel

Miniature acrylic crystal garland

Bright red wired pom

Pearl strand

Pink sweeper fringe

Red Thin Fleur Dresden

Mini Adhesive Red Rose Trim

Mini Adhesive White Rose Trim

Mardi Gras Beads

White Curly Petal Paper Flower Spray

Mixed Red Tiny Paper Flowers

Mulberry Paper Cherry Blossoms

Paper flowers

Mini Rose buds

Small white mulberry blossoms


Red mushrooms


3/4″ metal keys

Tiny Alice Chipboard props

Miniature cups and saucers

Polka dotted teapot

Bronze teacup

White rabbit

Eat me cookie

Teacup buttons

Tiny 3d hedgehog

Favorite Findings Big Buttons

Red heart buttons

Bronze stopwatch charm

1 inch playing cards

Chipboard cube from Alpha Stamps

Resin Heart Tarts

Miniature Chocolate Cake

Dice & game pieces

Necklace parts

Tiara pieces

Plastic gem

Silver glitter letters

Glitter balls

Glass ladybugs

Wooden white rabbit

Acrylic pain

Hot glue

Beacon Fabri-Tac

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  1. OMG! This is incredible! It is the most amazingly detailed paper cake I have ever seen. You are now going to have to host a tea party because you have the perfect centerpiece. Wow!

  2. I’m having conniptions over this art!!! I love this piece, you have really made something that makes my heart fly away in delight!! It’s right up my alley with the mix of paper, trim and re-purposed “flea market finds!!” Wow, perhaps one of these crazy concoctions is in my future. But, hmmmm, how to dust this bad boy, lol…..;)

    • I was going to thank you, but then you brought up the dusting issue. Since I had not thought of this (which may be why I have man-eating dust bunnies lurking under my sofa) I am not sure whether I should shower you with thank you kisses or hand you a dusting cloth. I know! Let’s just go flea market shopping instead!

  3. This is absolutely positively enchanting! I’m having so much taking in every detail and item that you’ve chosen to create it. Wow. What a marvelous collection of mini treasures and delightful way of arranging them. Kudos!

    • Phew! Since I never even read the whole book, there was a good chance that could have created a “that’s how Alice is NOT done” project. The only reason I got it right is because I have learned from my fellow DT members. xoxo

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