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Doggone good dog baggie holder

Doggone good dog baggie holder



Big news! We are expecting! Our household is about to go from one 90 pound doggie to two dogs. So, as you and both know, that means a shitload of work–literally.

Since there is no Diaper Genie (do they still make those anymore?) for puppies, I opted to instead create an easy access doggie bag aka pooper scooper holder. Part of my motivation was because Every. Single. Time. someone in my house goes to grab a plastic bag, they drop at least one on the back stairs. Let’s see…slippery plastic bag + staircase = Betsy’s broken face.

I’ve been creating things with Whisker Graphics products for nearly a year and I have to say, I am still just as much in love with their polka dot bags. To me, polka dots represents happy energy, and Lord knows, we are going to have lots of happy energy when our little Golden Retriever bundle of joy arrives.
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