Doggone good dog baggie holder

Doggone good dog baggie holder



Big news! We are expecting! Our household is about to go from one 90 pound doggie to two dogs. So, as you and both know, that means a shitload of work–literally.

Since there is no Diaper Genie (do they still make those anymore?) for puppies, I opted to instead create an easy access doggie bag aka pooper scooper holder. Part of my motivation was because Every. Single. Time. someone in my house goes to grab a plastic bag, they drop at least one on the back stairs. Let’s see…slippery plastic bag + staircase = Betsy’s broken face.

I’ve been creating things with Whisker Graphics products for nearly a year and I have to say, I am still just as much in love with their polka dot bags. To me, polka dots represents happy energy, and Lord knows, we are going to have lots of happy energy when our little Golden Retriever bundle of joy arrives.



Tutorial to make DIY dog bag holder

Step 1–Eat a lot of oatmeal

Step 2–Use the oatmeal container as your base for the doggie bag holder. Give the container and lid a coat or two of gesso so the graphics do not show through your paper covering. Feel free to have fun painting mustaches on the container.

I really mustache if you like oatmeal.

I really mustache if you like oatmeal.


Here’s another helpful hint (hey, you get a lot of bang for the buck at Paper Calliope). When you use your gesso, make sure you clean of the rim of the jar or next time you might end up using scissors, a blade, a screwdriver, hot water, primal grunting sounds and a whole lot of swear words trying to get the jar open.

#sonofabiscuit won't open

#sonofabiscuit won’t open

Step 3–Reinforce the lid of the oatmeal container with strips of packing tape. I’m not entirely sure why packing companies now make thier lids out of half cardboard/half plastic rather than all plastic, but it certainly makes it more flimsy.

Step 4–Lightly sand the gesso-covered container.

Step 5–Measure the height of the jar. If you are mathematically inclined, or you have a cloth measuring tape, you can also measure the diameter. Or, if you are lazy like me, you can wing it.

Step 6–Cut the closed end off a Red Polka Dot Bigger Bitty Bag and peel off the glued strip. Cut along the seam and trim the edge so that you end up with a large rectangular sheet of paper. Repeat with a second sheet.

Step 7–Trim the paper to the size of the container

Step 8–Cut open another Green Polka Dot Middy Bitty Bag and trace the lid and the end of the container onto the back of the Middy Bag paper. Cut out these circles. Draw doggy themed shapes onto this paper and cut out.

Step 9–Adhere the doggy themed shapes to a piece of coordinating cardstock and cut out.


Step 10–Cover the container in a thin coat of Mod Podge. Carefully wrap the container in your polka dot paper, leaving a little hanging off the open end. Cut small slits in the overhanging paper, fold down and adhere to the inside of the container.


Step 11– Punch a hole in each side of the container, about 1/2 inch from the top. Thread a length of Divine Twine Single Petites through the punched holes  and tie together inside the container in order to form a handle.


Step 12–Cover the lid and the container end with a thin coat of Mod Podge. Carefully adhere the two circles you previously cut out. Let dry.

Step 13–Adhere a decorative ribbon to the top edge of the container.

Step 14–Cut a small X in the lid of the jar.

Step 15–Adhere the doggy themed shapes to the container.

Now all you need to do is add some doggy bags, threading the first through the X you cut, close the lid and hang your new doggy bag holder.

Great stuff I used

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