Making an altered art circus mini album

Making an altered art circus mini album


As I wrap up my month as the guest blogger for the amazing company Whisker Graphics, I took advantage of all the stripes, dots and zig zags that their products offer to create a fun mini circus album.

Anyone who visits my blog regularly knows that I love anything with a vintage circus theme, and this mini album is chock full of circusy fun. I made the album for a friend of mine who has been especially kind this last year. She is the mom of a talented youth circus performer and I thought she could add ticket stubs, photos and other mementos of her daughter’s performaces to the mini album.







How to make a mini circus album


Step 1 Cut two 3″ x 5″ rectangles of chipboard or cardboard.


Step 2 Trim all four sides of a red polka dot kraft Whisker Graphics Middy Bitty Bag, a red and white diagonal stripe  Whisker Graphics Bigger Bitty Bag and a blue polka dot Bigger Bitty Bag as close to the edge as possible. Set aside the blue polka dot papers.


Step 3 From the red and white diagonal stripe paper, cut two rectangles that are  smaller than your chipboard (aprox 2″ x 4″) and adhere to one side of each chipboard. From the red polka-dot kraft paper cut two 5″ x 7″ rectangles and use them to wrap your chipboard rectangles. Fold the inside panels like gift wrap to let the diagonal paper shop. These will be your two book covers. 

Step 4 Purchase and trim or make seven of your own tags that fit inside the Middy Bitty Bag. Remove the tag string.


Step 5 Trim all four sides of two Glassine bags. Using distress ink and a felt applicator, lightly blend ink that matches the red dots of the book cover into the glassine sheets. Spritz with water and blend again to lighten and blend the color. Let dry. Repeat process with a second color that matches the blue polka dot Bigger Bitty Bag.



Step 6 Cut two rectangles that match the size of your tags from each of the colored glassine sheets, the blue polka dot sheet and four scrapbook paper of your own choosing. Adhere them to the front and back of your seven tags.

Step 7 Decorate each tag with vintage circus images, circus scrapbook paper and ephemera of your choosing.


Step 8 Lightly ink two chevron, two polka dot and two stripe Petite Stickys to slightly age the stickers. Adhere two stickers back to back, placing it over the tag holes and extending beyond the tags to form tabs.

Step 9 Cut four 8″ lengths of Whisker Graphics Divine Twine. Thread through the remaining tag holes and tie.








Step 10 Select an assortment of seven Whisker Graphics Little Bitty Bags, including two that are plain white. Using the same red ink as earlier, stamp patterns onto the two white bags. Be sure to insert scrap paper into the bag so that you do not end up stamping the inside top of the bag.


Step 11 Decorate each bag with vintage circus images, circus scrapbook paper, stickers and ephemera of your choosing.



Step 12 Make a long strip of red cardstock that is 2 3/4″ wide. Make 14 scores that are 1/4″ apart. Bend along score lines to make an accordion binding.



Step 13 Apply strong adhesive to each inside fold and attach an envelope.



Step 14 Apply adhesive to each end of the accordion and attach to the front and back cover.

Step 15 Cut a 3″ x 3″ square of red cardstock. Make numerous score marks close together. Attach to outside binding of album to make the outside spine.

Step 16 Insert tags into envelopes. Ladies and Gentlemen, your album is complete!


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  1. This is ADORABLE!! I love this. Thank you for sharing the steps, and posting such great, easy to understand pics.

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