Held captive in the country with chipmunks, Elvis and a coin laundromat

Held captive in the country with chipmunks, Elvis and a coin laundromat

So right now I am sitting in my car, parked between a coin laundromat and a video rental store, where, yes, I think they still offer VHS tapes.

I drove 15 miles to a tiny town just so I could nab the laundromat’s free wifi.

Desperate times people.

I am up at my cabin for our annual vacation.  We have running water and electricity,  but wifi, decent cell phone reception or even a TV signal are out of the question.  When the moon is full, the wind is from the west, the chipmunks are all  settled down and Elvis has been spotted at the local bar, I can sometimes wait 29 1/2 minutes for my Gmail to download on a spotty cell phone.

Today, when this happened I found out that people have been having a hard time leaving comments on the blog, especially if they sign in with Google.

Unfortunately,  I can’t even begin to fix this until I return home in a week. (And then I will be at the mercy of some tech support line from hell).

What’s my point in all this? First to thank all of you who stopped by and sent me a note and second to ask you to keep trying to comment and let me know what happens.

In the meantime,  I will try my best not to obsess over future missed comments and remind myself that Brad Pitt is not likely to stop by this week.

Have a fabulous week you guys. I’m going to go check out the fabulous video rental selection now. Hopefully they have a couple DVDs that I can play on my laptop to entertain the troops.





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