Make this cute count down to school banner

Make this cute count down to school banner



Summer may be waning, but you can still add excitement (and sneak in a little extra learning) to those last carefree days with this cute-as-can-be back-to-school countdown banner.

Your early learners are sure to love the bold graphics and colorful tassels as they count down the days until school begins. Each day features a special school-related activity that can make those yearly tasks a little more fun and help mentally prepare your child for the transition to the school year.

What’s more, you can sneak a little extra learning in by reviewing backwards counting, colors, days of the week and reading.




Tutorial to make Back-to-School Count Down Banner

Step 1 Make 10 tassels by loosely wrapping a long string of Bamboo Divine Twine around a flat surface that is approximately 3″ wide about 30 times.  I found it perfect to wrap the Twine around my phone. Slide the twine bundle off and make one cut along the bottom looped ends. Cut a 10-inch piece of twine for the tassel string, slide it halfway through the top loops of the tassel and tie together. Leave the loose ends hanging so that you can string these through the tags. Then wind another piece of twine several times  around the bundle about a half inch from the top of the tassel, and tie off the end.

Step 2 Check your calendar and then write the last 10 days of the week before school begins onto Small Red Tags.

Step 3 Adhere stickers or pictures from magazines to 2.25″ x 4.5″ tags  to show activities to do each day until school begins. Show one activity per tag. Adhere this picture to a vanilla tag and print the name of the activity on the tag.


Step 4 String the tassel string through the Small Red Tag and large vanilla tag and tie.

Step 5 Apply bold sticker numbers 1-10 to the front of 10 Notebook Bitty Bags .


Step 6 Cut a 6′ piece of Solid Aqua Divine Twine. Bend the top section of the back of the Notebook Bitty Bag over the Divine Twine and staple in place. Repeat for the other nine bags.

Step 7 Slide the tasseled tags into the bags and hang the banner in your home.





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