Because I never want to forget the stupidest game ever

Because I never want to forget the stupidest game ever


So one thing I learned from the Quintessential American Road Trip I took with my family this summer is that road trips are full of snapshot memories. Some are breathtaking, some too many are frustrating and a few are knee-slapping funny.

For example, it was amusing how for the first 20 hours of our trip, all four adult and near-adult human passengers got obsessed with the STUPIDEST GAME EVER (the dogs could care less). Here’s the objective: to count the most cows.

Yep, that’s it.


What makes the game amusing is if your team passes a church on your side of the road, your cows marry and you get to double the number of your cows. However, if there’s a cemetery on your side of the road, all your cows die and your count goes back to zero. The Daughter™ and I, who were teamed up against The Husband™  and The Son™, passed five flipping cemeteries, while they passed none! Apparently, there’s also a rule that if you pass a a church and graveyard at the same time, you are a sick bastard because you have just married off all your cows and killed them on their honeymoon. I’m not going to comment on how many times that happened.

Stories like these will soon be forgotten if  I don’t record them. Yet, I don’t have a lot of time (nor motivation) to make a journal. Thus, tags are the perfect way to easily record short little snippets from our trip.

To see my tutorial and more pictures of retro altered tags, please visit the  Altered Pages blog.


Psssst….The tags are designed to go with the Vintage Altered Art Suitcase I made.



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  1. Wow! I love your tags! I especially love your blog post about your family trip. Hilarious! Counting cows….a life and death struggle on the open roads. 😀 Your vintage photos of family trips in your first photo are amazing. Two Thumbs UP!

      • Indeed I have logged a mile or two. The road trip games I would play increased my quick math skills. For example, how many miles to the next truck stop so I can pee? I also brushed up on a word math problem from time to time. For example: If I leave Chicago, Illinois at 7:30 a.m., have to drive through three states for a distance of 495 miles, make two half hour stops for fuel and food, what time will I arrive at the hotel for the night? The answer would be 6:30 p.m. That would be the mathematically correct answer…..however I would have to add one hour to the time to consider road construction, slow downs for accidents, and rush hour traffic in the larger cities.

        Did you know there was so much math involved with being a truck driver? 😀

  2. LOL!!! I am still laughing out LOUD at your vacation stories! What a crack up!!!! Just what I needed! Great artwork too:) LOL!!!! I can’t stop laughing! I hope your kids found your trip funny! LOL!!! I don’t know why I find the stories sooo funny. Maybe I have a warped mind??? LOL!!! And, here I was going to just go outside and crack our walnuts! Your site is much more fun! Love the use of your little cans. I need to start eating all of my oysters and sardines that I have been storing up! Don’t you just love ColourArte products? Such glorious colors! Don’t know how I missed you before but happy that now I have found you!

    • Wow Julie I am so happy you found me too! (Though I am not so sure about those oysters and sardines-haha). I have been a big crab apple lately and haven’t posted anything funny–You inspire me to work on that!

      I do love the ColourArte products! I hope I can keep delighting you–I’m working on some more tin projects today. Have a great weekend-Betsy

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