Fill your eyes with wonder at the Kringle Toy Store

Fill your eyes with wonder at the Kringle Toy Store


Christmas is nearly upon us. Part of the magic of the season is when children fill their eyes with wonder while window shopping.

Make sure you leave time to stop by Kringle Toys, where the glowing chandelier casts a warm glow as shoppers come in from the newly fallen snow.


Approaching Kringle Toys, visitors see the faded ghost sign on the brick wall–a testament to the store’s longevity.


Outside, someone has forgotten their mittens atop the patio table and some children clearly didn’t have time to finish their snowman.


Peering through the frosted bay windows, passersby can see many toys.


Once inside the store, a pink tree is the perfect decor for the candy stripe pink walls. Brown-papered packages tied up with string sit beneath the table awaiting the delivery truck to cart them off to customers. The floor and shelves are overflowing with dolls, games and toys for every good girl and boy.


Tutorial–How to make the Kringle Christmas Toy Store


 Begin by adding decorative paper to the inside walls and floor of the Deep Storefront Room Box and 10 inch Bay Window.



Assemble the Storefront and Bay Window and then create your brick exterior.

Making the brick walls was surprisingly easy thanks to Jess Armstrong. I modified Jess’ wonderful technique so that I would have slightly larger bricks. Make sure you check out her quick and easy YouTube tutorial.

Begin by cutting sheets of foam core to match your store’s outside walls. On one side strip away the paper covering.


 Then form about four slightly different brick shapes from thin metal sheets. Press these into the foam core to create rows of bricks.



Paint the entire surface with tan paint and dry. Then following Jess Armstrong’s instructions, paint a few of the bricks with a red/brown mixture. Then paint all the bricks with an orange/brown mixture and dry.


Glue the brick walls to the exterior of the building.


Add plastic to the inside of the windows. I used a 3M Film Insulator Kit, but there are plenty of clear plastics that will work. Use extra chipboard and paint to create bay window shelves.


Using extra chipboard from the Storefront Kit, cut two identical rectangles of chipboard and adhere them to the front of the door to give the door extra detail. Paint the door and add insulator film to create a window.

Adhere the sticky side of frosted film to a rectangle of clear plastic and adhere inside the transom window. Use a stencil and Sharpie marker to add the word “TOYS”.


Assemble and paint two Kitchen Wall Shelf Units, the Wrought Iron Patio Table a Chair and Set of Stools.

Assemble games and dolls from the Kringle Toy Store Printable and add them and other miniatures to shelves.


Spread Decoart Snow-Tex onto a craft sheet, sprinkle with Diamond Dust and let dry overnight to create piles of snow. Cover round beads with additional Snow-Tex and Diamond Dust to create snowballs and piece of snowman.


Stipple paint textured paper with gray, black and white with create patio base.


Scan and cut the Kringle Toy Store Printable onto stencil material and apply to the wall to achieve a distressed old brick ghost painting.

Use your fingers to dab spay adhesive onto the the windows and then add faux snow and glitter to achieve a frosted look. If you don’t use gloves, prepare to have sticky fingers for a day or two!


Paint wooden skewers gold and add tiny flags to roof. Add chandelier through roof to add warm lighting.

Make sure to stop by Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts to see the feature on the Kringle Toy Store!

Finally put a pot of hot cocoa on your stove for all your life-sized visitors who come to enjoy your handiwork. Then sit back and enjoy the season. Merry Christmas everyone! xoxo –Betsy

Great Stuff

Deep Storefront Room Box

10 inch Bay Window

Kitchen Wall Shelf Unit (2)

Wrought Iron Patio Table


Set of Stools

Paper Calliope Kringle Toy Store Printable

Canvascorp Pink and Ivory Ribbon Stripe

Canvascorp Pink and Ivory Dot

Textured cardstock

Toy Shop

Santa’s Village

Deck the Halls

Tiny Dollhouse Scenes

3M Film Insulator Kit

Tim Holtz Frosted Film

Acrylic paint

Assorted miniatures

Decoart Snow-Tex

Diamond Dust

Faux snow flakes

Beacon 3-in-1

Beacon Fabri-Tac

Hot glue gun


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  1. My eyes did, indeed!, fill with wonder! This is utterly delightful! I love these vignettes and never have time to create them. This is charming – love all the tiny toy displays – so tempting, just like a ‘real’ toy store! An absolutely splendid Christmas scene! Festive, festive, festive!
    Have a very joyous holiday, and the best new year ever!

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