A card for the Winter’s Solstice

A card for the Winter’s Solstice


Winter has arrived in here in Minnesota. It is a blustery nine degrees outside and as dusk settles, the wind is rattling the windows of our turn-of-the-century home.

In other words, it is a perfect night for crafting and for playing with the deep blue, purple, white and silver colors of Winter’s Solstice.GSL-Winter-Solstice-141628

This Winter’s Solstice card is featured on the Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts blog. To make it begin by covering the Snowflake Shape Set with a coat of gesso.


Next emboss the snowflakes by adding embossing ink and then with snowflake, blue glass, silver tinsel and blue embossing powders.


Apply Snow-Tex to a 8.5″ x 11″ sheet of black cardstock to make white snow mounds.


Dry snow with heat gun–guess what, it doesn’t melt! Spritz blue and purple ink onto snow. Then place more snow onto your finger tip and lightly dab it over some of the purple and blue. Dry snow again.


Run another sheet of 8.5″ x 11″ black cardstock through a snowflake embossing folder. Repeat until entire paper is covered. Cut the snow mounds from the first sheet of black cardstock and glue onto the snowflake embossed paper. You could just emboss one sheet of black cardstock and apply the snow directly to it, but this method avoids getting accidental dabs of snow in unwanted areas of your page.

Adhere a plastic fence over the snow and add more snow and ink on top of the fence. Let this dry naturally because your heat gun can melt the fence.


Once the snow is dry, trim and adhere the scene to purple glitter cardstock. Then adhere both to silver cardstock.



Adhere the entire unit to a sturdy card you create from 12″ x 12″ white cardstock sheets. Then glue clear gems onto some of the snowflakes.


That is all there is to making a Winter’s Solstice card. I hope you have a lovely weekend! –Betsy

Great Stuff

Snowflake Shape Set

Plastic fence piece

DecoArt Snow-Tex

Dylusions blue and purple ink

Snowflake embossing folder



Embossing powder in snowflake, blue glass, silver tinsel and blue

Black cardstock

White cardstock

Silver cardstock

Purple glitter cardstock



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  1. What a great card to give to a neighbor that lives alone. It would be such a cozy little pick-me-up (to make and to give) during these gloomy and freezing cold Minnesota months. ❄️

  2. Betsy, this is so dramatic and attention-grabbing! Love your color combinations – it’s like a magical, mystical, mysterious deep night.
    Also – I love learning new things! I didn’t realize that gesso worked to heat emboss powders! I always use embossing ink. Gesso would be so much easier! Thanks for the tip!
    Stay warm and keep crafting!

    • Tristan, My bad. I didn’t need to imply that you don’t need the embossing ink. You still Do! I just used the gesso to first give the white background.Thanks for letting me know I needed to clarify!

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