Blogged or bogged?

Blogged or bogged?


Drumroll please—this is the first blog I have written about an actual project.

Ok, so that drumroll was actually the sound of my dog’s toenails clicking across the studio floor. I could do worse.

I’m still figuring out how I want to do this. I know my biggest challenge will be documenting all the brands and products I use. I do not like being bogged down in facts, figures and files. That’s probably why all my papers are piled haphazardly on top of my file cabinets, instead of neatly within them.

While I will provide info on resources, my foremost purpose is to offer inspiration, ideas and techniques. Along the way, I hope I make your day a little lighter.

Let me count the ways I love thee

Currently I have a love affair going with….Oops, web entries have to be short. You all are supposed to have the attention span of gnats and this is way too long. Are you still even there?

Ok, I’m cutting this section and I’ll put it in an upcoming post. It will be fantastically, awesomely riveting.

Teal Appeal

Today I made two scrapbook pages using a teal, brown and white palette. At the same time, because I am so incredibly kind and caring, I rescued poor and orphaned upholstery samples from a terrible fate. (i.e. when my dad closed his architectural firm, he gave me a big bunch of the stuff).

For the scrapbook page above, I first painted swirls on the upholstery with a mystery substance. It is a mystery because it is devoid of labeling and I bought it a gazillion years ago.  I think it is an early version of Twinkling H20’s by Luminarte. Since I read every Nancy Drew book ever created, I should eventually figure this out.


While it was drying, I applied a Tim Holtz mask to 12 x 12 cardstock and painted teal acrylic over the top half. After it dried I added a layer of mystery substance. Then, I lightly inked the white clock. I should have done it before the acrylic, but you know what they say about hindsight.

I also inked the bottom half of the cardstock and the edges of some packaging I re-used behind the photo. After adhering the upholstery to the cardstock, I added the rest in the following order: metal elements, cardstock packaging, mini frame, flower, photo and gems.

 Products used:

  • Upholstery sample
  • Re-used cardstock from packaging (K&Co)
  • Cardstock
  • Turquoise Gloss Acrylic Paint by Craft Smart, WHICH, BY THE WAY, I got for less than 50 cents on sale at Michael’s Craft Store.
  • Masks by Tim Holtz
  • Life’s Journey frames by K& Co
  • Flower by Prima
  • Mixed batch of sprockets and gears some manufactured by Tim Holtz and Oriental Trading Company
  • Vintage Photo distress ink by Tim Holtz
  • Blended fibers by Liquitex
  • Mystery sparkle paint possibly Twinkling H2O’s by Luminarte
  • Crystal stickers by Mark Richards
  • Clock pieces from personal collection

Every dragon needs some glitter

This second piece is fairly self-explanatory. I applied a blended fibers paste to part of a 12 x 12 cardstock and then created additional texture with a scallop-edged spatula. Before it dried, I liberally covered it with teal glitter.

While this was drying I frayed the edges of the upholstery sample, glued the ribbon onto it and inked the edges of the background cardstock.


Products used:

  • Upholstery sample
  • Turquoise Gloss Acrylic Paint by Craft Smart
  • Turquoise glitter by Martha Stewart
  • Crochet-like ribbon by Petaloo
  • Butterflies by Prima Flowers
  • Vintage Photo distress ink by Tim Holtz
  • Cardstock by Bazzill

I love reading your comments and questions. Comment away!