End of Era

End of Era


Archivers–Not pms*–has made me bitchy

This morning Archiver’s announced it was closing all of its doors. Forever.

Archiver’s and I started scrapbooking around the same time. In the same city. I’m not sure who was first. But we were catching a wave that had already gained momentum.

Now it is time to switch metaphors. Why? Because although Archiver’s and I both have our headquarters in the Land of 10,000 (wavy) Lakes, it is winter here 90 PERCENT OF THE TIME. It is pretty darn hard to catch a wave when all the water is trapped under two feet of ice.

Anyway–continuing my metaphor switch from warm waters to winter wonderland–there was soon an avalanche of people who were interested in capturing life’s memorable events with photos, cardstock and embellishments.

Really? Soap-on-a-Rope and scrapbooking?

For many, the art of scrapbooking in those early years entailed putting eight, nine or 107 photos on a page and adding a couple of stickers. Usually the stickers reminded me of Precious Moments figurines. Guess what–I never liked Precious Moments figurines. (Disclaimer–In case you are one of my very first blog readers and you like Precious Moments, I’m actually lying. I have Precious Moments figurines in every room in my house. I love them so much I even have Precious Moments Soap-On-A-Rope hanging in my bathroom.**)

Now, I’m probably the least smug person you will ever encounter. My self-confidence is shaky at best. However, there are a few things that I am clearly good at. Writing marketing copy is one. Scrapbooking is another. That’s why I knew that compared to most of the other people sitting at those Archiver’s work tables, my pages were exquisite. They certainly did not contain any Precious Moments stickers. What’s more, since I am a professional writer and graphic designer, I found it wonderfully liberating to use my creativity without worrying about picas, process versus Pantone colors and persnickity clients.

However, I also wanted my scrapbook to be a work of art. This meant that each page took a looooong time . Then came digital photo overload, homework, after school activities, kid therapy, doctor appointments and well…life. I got further and further behind in my scrapbooking. I also spent more time working in mixed media and altered art. While I still considered myself a scrapbooker, I rarely made actual pages.

Today’s scrapbookers intimidate the hell outta me

In the last six months, I’ve looked at a lot of scrapbook blogs. Oh my! How styles have changed! It’s refreshing to see how many scrapbookers now have great skills. Many rival graphic design professionals. It’s also intimidating. No longer will I be the star pupil. There’s some serious competition.

Except–I’ve also seen how supportive and community-based today’s mixed media, altered art and scrapbook artists are. So while I may be a little intimidated, mostly I am excited to get to know many of you and share inspiration and ideas.

Yesterday, I went to Archiver’s because it is the closest I am getting to the this year’s CHA. You will be seeing the results of that little spree in the coming days. Little did I know about the upcoming announcement. Ten years ago, I thought Hell had to freeze over before Archiver’s closed it’s doors. I don’t know about Hell, but the scrapbooking industry in Minnesota just got a whole lot colder.

Goodbye Archiver’s. You will be missed. By the way, if there is a next time, please make the announcement before I spend all that money.

Please don’t notice these footnotes

* Did you know PMS is also an acronym for Pantone Matching System? Kinda punny, if I say so myself, since I’m writing about graphic design. Frankly, both kinds of pms can make me bitchy. But today, neither are to blame.

** I hope no one notices this disclaimer. I was lying about lying. I really do not have a Precious Moments Soap-On-A-Rope. I really do not like Precious Moments. In fact I kind of hate them. I’m really sorry. Please read my blog anyway. I’m still a nice person. Just a nice person who does not care for Precious Moments.

I love reading your comments and questions. Comment away!