And they called it puppy love

And they called it puppy love
And they called it puppy love




This project takes whiskers to a whole new level. To show off our new puppy in an adorable DIY frame, I combined my love for vintage products*, with some fantastic Whisker Graphics products.


Tutorial–How to create a DIY picture frame

Step 1 Cut a 8″ x 10″ rectangle from cardboard and four 8″ x 1″ cardboard strips.


Step 2 Cut open one of Whisker Graphic’s new Navy Polka Dot on Kraft Middy Bitty Bags and and a White Chevron Middy Bitty Bag. Trim the rough edges of the bags. Add adhesive to the back of the White Chevron bag, wrap it around your large rectangle piece of chipboard and adhere securely on the back side.

Step 3 Cut four strips that are approximately 1.75″ x 9″ from the Navy Polka Dot bag, add adhesive to the back, wrap it around each strip of cardboard and secure on the back side.

Step 4 Cut a 6″ x 4.5″ piece from a Metallic Gold Polka Dot on Kraft Middy Bitty Bag. Distress the edges using Vintage Photo Distress Ink and a blending tool.

Step 5 Cut a slightly smaller rectangle from a sparkling gold cardstock. Center and adhere onto the Gold Polka Dot rectangle.

Step 6 Cut two slightly smaller rectangles from a Middy Bitty Glassine Bag. Apply blue ink to a records embossing folder, place one of the glassine rectangles inside the folder and run it through an embossing machine. Repeat the process with the second sheet of glassine paper. Set one of the glassine rectangles aside. For a more detailed explanation of how to ink and emboss glassine paper check out this tutorial.


Step 7 Center and glue one of the glassine rectangles to the gold rectangle. Adhere this entire layered piece on the left side of the white chevron rectangle.


Step 8 Saturate a wooden heart with a navy blue ink. Let dry.

Step 9 Create beautiful mixed media flowers by applying different tones of blue spray inks to white flowers and heat drying them between colors. Enhance by drawing further details with blue marker. Add gold acrylic paint. .After they dry, adhere tiny pearls to the centers.




Step 10 Apply craft glue to a partial section of a wooden letter P. Starting at the back of the letter, tightly wrap Solid Navy Divine Twine around the letter so that the twine covers the entire letter. Add glue to sections as you go. Leave a small tail at the beginning that you tuck under the twine as you wrap. When you cover the entire letter, cut the twine and tuck the end into the twine in the back of the letter. Repeat this process for the “U” and the other “P”.

Step 11 Wrap the blue heart in a criss-cross pattern with Wheat Diva Solid Divine Twine and adhere to the heart on the back side.


Step 12 Glue the letters PUP on top of the glassine rectangle. Glue the heart next to it.


Step 13 Adhere the four Navy Polka Dot strips to the large rectangle, making sure you leave the bottom strip slightly open so that you can still slide the record behind it.

Step 14 From the other glassine rectangle that you set aside, cut out one of the records. Adhere this near one of the large rectangle’s corners. Adhere some of the flowers you earlier prepared. Adhere flowers and puppy elements to the other corners.



Step 15 Distress the edges of three puppy elements with Vintage Photo Distress Ink. String them together with a segment of Divine Twine Blueberry Petites.

Step 16 Make a small loop with the Divine Twine and adhere to the flip side of a vintage “Puppy Love” record.

Step 17 Adhere a photo of your puppy to the back of the record so that picture can be seen from the front.


Step 18 Tuck the record into the base of the rectangle.

If you wish, you can adhere the record to the rectangle. Or, if you think you might want to change the photo once in awhile, you can just leave it tucked in.

*Sorry Donny Osmond. I’m not calling you vintage, just your 45 record.

Fantabulous stuff I used

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