A creative life snuffed out

A creative life snuffed out


Back when I was teenager, I babysat a boy and his younger sister a few times. The sister was a perfect angel. The boy? Well, let’s just say he was a little hard to manage.

Fast-forward 30-some years and nothing much had changed.* I know this because since we are shirt-tale relatives of a sort, we had reconnected on social media.**

The sister remained angelic–she’s now an executive creating policies in women’s initiatives. It’s not uncommon to see pictures of Cora Neumann rubbing elbows with Hillary Clinton and women leaders from around the globe.

The boy became a man, and yet remained hard to manage. By that, I mean he was always pushing conventional boundaries. Rarely a day went by without Wyatt Neumann posting something on social media designed to spark debate with bold declarations, raise awareness with breaking information or simply make the world more beautiful with stunning photography.

Sometimes, I was a slightly annoyed by Wyatt’s controversial declarations. Occasionally, (since I once worked in a similar industry) I was a little envious of Wyatt’s photography and advertising projects. Always, I took note. A creative director and photographer, Wyatt’s talents demanded notice.

And then, much too soon, Wyatt’s light was snuffed out.

In early June he suffered a brain aneurysm, while riding his motorcycle. He left behind a young family, whom he often featured in his nationally recognized photography. Now this family needs support. His friends have set up a fund to help Wyatt’s family, and today I’m sharing that information with you.

You can read more about Wyatt in Advertising Age’s article about him.


* Ok, the addition of another sister was a pretty big change. But besides that…

** Now they too would be forced to read about every single precocious thing my children accomplished each and every day.

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  1. Wow. That’s terrible. It sounds like he was really talented. The biggest loss is that those children lost their daddy.

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