A time of magic and dragons in a miniature Merlin’s room

A time of magic and dragons in a miniature Merlin’s room
A time of magic and dragons in a miniature Merlin’s room

In a land of myth and a time of magic lived Merlin. With his room deep in the heart of Camelot, Merlin had a special connection to powerful dragons. If you look closely, you can see that one has appeared in Merlin’s mirror, ready to speak to the fearless wizard.

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Meanwhile his cupboards are filled with frightening potions and books of spells and other wizardry.

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An adviser to Arthur, Merlin lives in the castle, where the stone walls can get damp and musty. And who knows, who may be watching…

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Speaking of watching. There are eyes everywhere. Meanwhile, the years and errant flicks of the wand have taken a toll on the wallpaper.

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Who knows what supplies Merlin stores in the keg, but it must be important considering how carefully his cat keeps watch over it.

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Begin by cutting the walls and floors for your room out of foam core. Keep track of what goes where with simple notations.

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Make the stone wall with the Stone Wall Chipboard Texture Sheet and molding paste. Let dry over night. Apply a base coat of black gesso, let dry, then paint with assorted gray, black, white and green acrylic paints to achieve a mossy aged stone look.

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To make the distressed wallpapered wall, first size, cut and adhere Heritage Register Scrapbook Paper to the foam core. Then, cut an identically sized sheet of Brimstone Damask Scrapbook Paper. Use a utility blade to make small cut in the paper and then further tear those cuts and curl the edges out toward what will be the inside of the room. Rub brown ink around the torn edges. Adhere the Damask paper over the Heritage paper.  Cover the floor foam core piece with another sheet of Heritage Register Scrapbook Paper.


Next assemble the Apothecary Cabinet And Gothic Dresser. Use glue to adhere together. Don’t add the top layer of the mirror yet. You can also assemble the flask stands.

Betsy-Skagen-Merlin Room Tutorial-4

Cover the outside of the furniture with Brown Leather Scrapbook Paper and the insides with Juliet Verona Scrapbook Paper. Use brown ink to distress all the edges. Also cover the top part of the mirror and the chipboard dragons with the Brown Leather Scrapbook paper and ink the edges.

Next cut a sheet of  silver reflective paper to fit inside the dresser mirror. I actually had this in my stash from years ago. Use rubbing alcohol to partially remove some of the silver coating to make the mirror slightly transparent in the area you will place your dragon.

Betsy-Skagen-Merlin Room Tutorial-5

Paint streaks of black over the mirror to give it an aged appearance.

Betsy-Skagen-Merlin Room Tutorial-3

Draw or print out and image of a dragon and adhere it to the mirror portion of the dresser. Adhere the silver paper over the dragon and then adhere the top part of the mirror.

Now comes the fun part of decorating your room. You can card catalog style boxes by cutting and folding Tan Faux Leather Paper. And using itty bitty labels from Tiny Magic Books and Potions Collage Sheet.

Betsy-Skagen-Merlin Room Tutorial-7

Betsy-Skagen-Merlin Room Tutorial-1

Fill bottles and boxes with all sorts of concoctions made from alcohol ink and Glossy Accents; layers of glitter glue; moss; bones; seed beads; and other tiny fragments. Use collage sheets and brown ink to create tiny labels for the bottles.


To create the creepy bone lantern, Cut apart two skeletons and painstakingly, bit by bit, adhere bones to a mini lantern using a strong adhesive.

Knowledge is essential to Merlin and he relies on books written throughout the centuries. You can easily create magical tomes by covering these miniature books with collage sheets. By the way, here is where you can see the entire Alpha Stamps supply list (including sale items)..

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Great Stuff

Collage Sheets:

Little potions

Tiny Magic Books and Potions

Apothecary Labels

More Wicthy Potion Labels

Halloween Labels

Grimsely Village

Rugs Set Download

Ghostmore Manor Set Download


Brimstone Damask Scrapbook Paper–sold out

Tan Faux Leather Paper

Heritage Register Scrapbook Paper

Juliet Verona Scrapbook Paper

Brown Leather Scrapbook Paper

Silver reflective paper

Foam core


Gothic Dresser

Large Apothecary Cabinet

Drawer pulls

Dragon diecuts chipboard

Three Hole Flask Stand

Two Hole Flask Stand

Miniature bed

Little Objects

Apothecary bottles

10mm Clear Glass Marbles

Mini Wooden Barrel

Mini Lantern with Battery Pack

Ceramic Black Cat Bead

DIY Tiny Bottle Stoppers Mix

White Turquoise Skull Beads

Jet Black 4mm Smooth Rondelles

Fancy Cone Beadd Cap

Ceramic Raven Beads

Tim Holtz Crossbones Set

Halloween Poison Cameo

Small Ceramic Horned Owl Bead

Tiny Wooden Bowls

Gold Candlestick Holder with Handle

Plastic Skeletons

Museum Wax Anchoring Putty

18x13mm Oval Filigree Settings

Oval Cab for 18 x 13

Miniature Books

Round Antique Bronze Filigree – for 13mm Cabs

Stick pins with round white tops

Assorted beads


Inks, Paints, Mediums & Basics

Museum Wax Anchoring Putty

Gilders Paste – Black

Stone Wall Chipboard Texture Sheet

Acrylic paint in assorted colors

Alcohol Ink in assorted colors

Stickles glitter glue in assorted colors

Vintage Photo Distress Ink

Glossy Accents

Golden Molding Paste

3D foam adhesive

Beacon Fabri-tac

Assorted fabrics

Wooden dowel

Duct tape


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