Zelda the dancing pig is captivating audience everywhere

Zelda the dancing pig is captivating audience everywhere
Zelda the dancing pig is captivating audience everywhere

Audiences go hog wild when Zelda the Dancing Pig enters the stage. Adorned with a sparkling heart pastie on her juicy hocks and a bow on her tantalizing pigtail, Zelda is sure to never be a boar.

Zelda travels with the carnival, where loud barkers sell out her shows hours in advance and carnies are sure to swine-dle a few naive gents.



With her name in lights, Zelda loves to ham it up. The higher she kicks her hooves, the more audiences  squeal with delight. To be sure, every night more than a few hearts are a-bacon.

 To make your own Zelda Stage, first assemble the Square Shrine Shadowbox, leaving the top unattached.


Cover the interior and exterior with red acrylic paint and let dry. I never seem to remember this lesson, but it is a good idea to not paint the notches where you will later assemble the rest of the box. Otherwise, like me, you will be scraping paint from those notches with a sharp blade in order to fit them together.

Apply embossing ink to Banner Border Strips, cover with silver embossing powder and heat set.


Add red glitter hearts to the banner and then adhere the banner to the interior of the box front.

Cut a silver doily by a third and adhere to the inside of the box.


Glue a bow onto the tail of a toy plastic pig and a miniature foil heart onto the pig’s leg.

Isn’t she cute! Make a hat for the pig from a red doily and sheer red ribbon. Glue the pig onto the stage.

Assemble the rest of the box and glue glass beads to the stage base.


Glue a heart ribbon across the top of the stage, Add silver letters and adhesive bling.

Use a design program such as Illustrator to make posters. Print them out. First roughly tear along all the edges.


Next ink the posters with brown ink and trim them with a scissors. By tearing them first you will give the posters a worn and distressed look.


Glue the posters to the side of the stage and your stage is complete. If you like Zelda as much as I do, please stop by Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts and leave a comment on their blog!


Great Stuff

Square Shrine Shadowbox

Banner Border Strips

Beacon 3-in-1 Adhesive

Embossing ink

Silver embossing powder

Silver doily

Red doily

Red ribbon

Red hearts

Glass beads

Cute toy pig

Bow with pearls

Silver letters

Adhesive bling

Heart ribbon

Miniature foil heart

Miniature posters


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  1. *applauding madly!* I adore Zelda! I need Zelda! I must have Zelda in my life!
    circus, pigs, theatre, banners, sparkle – you have all my favorite things here! How delightful and fun!

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