What’s on your bucket list

What’s on your bucket list


What’s on your bucket list? My first post with Canvas Corp was on mine!.


Life suddenly began whizzing by for The Husband™ and I. And, to tell the truth, it sometimes feels like there are a lot of missed opportunities.

As parents of kids with unique needs, we put many of our dreams on hold. Year after year, we avoided activities that required babysitters. We embraced staycations and we usually juggled far more stress than we could imagine. Yet, I would give anything to have my kids be little tykes again so that I could better appreciate that precious and fleeting time.



There’s lots of space for journaling–in flip-up notebooks, on the back of ticket tags and much more.

Now, before we know it, we will be empty-nesters. When I’m not dabbing away the tears, find myself daydreaming about future possibilities.

I knew I wanted a bucket list that The Husband™ and I could share. I also wanted to have it be something we could physically hold, stick magazine articles into and write notes to each other, rather than an electronic board on Pinterest.




Of course, it was inevitable that I would begin scheming a way to craft this bucket list. As the bucket list progressed, I discovered that I wanted it also to serve as a small notebook where we could keep track of activities we completed and places we went. That’s why I made this Bucket List Journal. If you want to learn how to make one–including those tricky card catalog drawers–please check out the tutorial on the Canvas Corp blog.


Many of the card catalog drawers open to reveal additional journaling space.


The magnet tab on the top of the left page creates both a clipboard and and additional space for notes.




The #74 on this cute little pin represents The Husband’s™ college football number.


So many hidden places to add photos and notes!

For supplies and tutorial, visit the Canvas Corp blog.


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