Valentine’s tags are like a box of chocolates—sometimes you wrinkle your nose and just keep chewing

Valentine’s tags are like a box of chocolates—sometimes you wrinkle your nose and just keep chewing

You Heart aMazing

I’ll be honest, this tag is my least favorite of the five. I like each of the elements on their own, but somehow they just didn’t mesh together well. I guess it is kind of like that big ol’ box of Valentine chocolates. You always end up biting into one that you don’t like. By the time you realize it, you are half way through and then you are left with the quandary of deciding whether to go ahead and finish it or stick it back in the box to disgust some other member of your family.

I’m speaking from experience, as my daughter has been known to do that with just about anything. The other day I found a solitary doughnut left in the box with the topping completely gnawed away. Now that’s an enticing breakfast.

Making the tag

Complete the base for this tag in the same manner as in the previous posts, but use light pink and red acrylic paints. Remove the string, apply a base acrylic, emboss a pattern, apply a second acrylic and rub like crazy.


While your tag dries, run a piece of Tim Holtz Grungeboard Dots through your die cutter using a heart die. Paint the heart with the same light pink acrylic paint as your tag base. Let dry. Then color the raised dots of the heart with an embossing pen and sprinkle Ranger Red Embossing Tinsel over it. Emboss with heat gun.

Adhere pink rickrack about an inch from the top of the tag, carefully wrapping the ends of the rickrack around to the back side and adhere the ends with enough glue or tape to prevent fraying.

Next, glue the heart to the tag, letting part of it extend beyond the edge of the tag. Adhere a vintage stamp or other image in the bottom left corner and then attach a glittery pink heart in a manner that overlaps both the tag and the stamp. Attach Bling On a Roll gems to the rickrack ribbon.

Cut out a 2 3/8” x 4 ¾” piece of coordinating paper (or whatever size your tag is), adhere the paper to the back of the tag so that it covers the riclrack and hides any spots, spills and of course, chocolate smudges. Using a scissors, trim the top two corners of the back paper so they line up with the tag. Note: it is easier to do this after you have adhered the paper to the tag, rather than trying to perfectly trace or measure the angles of the tag. Line up your hole punch with the tag and punch a hole through the paper.

To finish the tag, cut two 5” long coordinating pieces of ribbon. Each ribbon should have a different width. For my tag, I chose a metallic string and a ¼” wide grosgrain ribbon. Glue or sew the smaller ribbon on top of the wider one. Thread the ribbon duo through the tag hole and tack together with a small dab of glue.


Avery Shipping Tag; dark pink and red acrylic paint; Stampin Up Hearts Stamp; Big and Bossy Giant Pre-Inked Embossing Pad; Zig Emboss Writer; Melt Art Ultra Thick Embossing Enamel; Tim Holtz Grungeboard Dots; Ellison Thickcuts Primitive Hearts; Ranger  Red Embossing Tinsel; Recollections Bling on a Roll; pink vintage stamp, pink heart and ribbons from unknown sources; assorted adhesives.


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  1. I don’t know why you don’t like this as much as the others. I think it’s fabulous. I especially like how the two paints with the embossing look.

  2. Welcome to Paper Calliope Kathy!

    Thank you for your kind words. Sometimes we are our own worst critics. I know that is often the case for me.

    Have a fabulous Monday and Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.

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