Ooooooh, something for free!

Ooooooh, something for free!


Win a free Valentine–Life just doesn’t get much better than that

Since I want to entice people to my new blog, and I can’t hand out fresh baked chocolate chip cookies (but boy, were they delicious), I’m hosting a little contest. Everyone who (1) signs up to follow this blog and (2) comments on a blog post has the chance to win a uniquely designed Paper Calliope Valentine’s Day card. I will choose five winners on January 18. Ready, Set, Go!

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  1. No way! I want to be the love child of Martha Stewart, Jenny Lawson and Oprah Winfrey. How did you come to this conclusion first?

  2. Wyatt, Because I’m older than you. You don’t remember, but it’s possible Martha, Jenny and Oprah were so traumatized by my toddler demeanor that they gave you up for adoption fearing more of the same. Either that, or it was because you were such an ugly baby. You decide.

    • Hi Deanna, Actually neither of the images were created by stamps. I purchased stock photography at Then I manipulated it in Adobe Illustrator. I think one of the original images was black and said “Sale” or something like that. Of course, with the way my brain works, I immediately turned it into a Valentine. I just got a discount coupon from them the other day that you can use (which I honestly did not think of at the time I was making or sharing the card). I think you can get a year’s subscription for all their high res images for somewhere around $99. According to the coupon it is “90% off GraphicStock Download Over 50,000+ Graphics, Vectors, Icons, Buttons, Images and more” The coupon code is” For full disclosure, I think I get a $20 kickback for referrals, but I would have told you anyway. I purchased a subscription in September and have used it heavily since then.

      If I remember correctly, my cards were also inspired by tags modapaperdesigns posted on instagram. You can find their etsy shop at

      Hope this helps!

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