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Help party animals celebrate the first day of spring with adorable hats

Help party animals celebrate the first day of spring with adorable hats


If you looked closely in my Graphic 45 audition, you might have noticed that fawn in the Spring Matchbox really knows how to celebrate the new season. He has donned a purple polka-dotted party hat, complete with glitter and streamer-like tassel.

I chuckled when today I visited the web site of one of my favorite artists, Lisa Kettle, because coincidentally pictured on her blog is a cute-as-can-be zebra wearing a glittery red party hat. Her post reminded me that more than likely she introduced me many years ago to animal party hats when I read her book Altered Art Circus. Read the rest of this entry

Graphic 45 Design Team 2014 Audition

Graphic 45 Design Team 2014 Audition


Graphic 45 hatches its new designers for 2014

Open your windows and put out the patio chairs for a new season has arrived. It’s the season when Graphic 45 selects its new design team for 2014.

Just like the Graphic 45 Staples Collection Metal Butterfly, I am irresistibly drawn to this event. The projects below serve as my audition to this prestigious annual event.

 Project 1: Giant Egg Hatches Graphic 45 Logo


I made this gigantic egg (you can see it at at the top of the post) to add a little playfulness into the audition. You poor judges can only look at so many scrapbook pages, before getting a little blurry eyed.

The egg stands 11 inches tall and features the Graphic 45 Sweet Sentiments collection. The 45 is the numerical portion of the actual Graphic 45 logo, which I enlarged, traced and then hand cut from several pieces of foam core. I then stacked them together in order to give the 45 substantial depth. Read the rest of this entry

Why does everything have to be a balancing act (tutorial included)

Why does everything have to be a balancing act (tutorial included)


ATB Circus Cannon Tutorial Level of Difficulty: Advanced

Both of my kids are circus performers. Don’t get me wrong–they aren’t out on the road, performing in big tops across the country. Rather, instead of participating in youth soccer or baseball, they take classes and perform at a circus performing arts school.

They both walk the wire, known to non-circus folks at the tightrope, The Daughter™ rides unicycles tall and small, The Son™ performs aerial straps. They do lots of other circus stuff too. While they aren’t the star performers at this very competitive school–far from it–the fact that they undertake these acts of courage when they both have serious anxiety disorders is pretty amazing. When The Son™ started at this school as a six-year-old, he found playground slides too frightening. Now he walks the highwire.

Anyway, since this isn’t a mommy blog (really, no, really it isn’t!), I shared this to point out that with my kids doing all these daredevil acts, you would think I would know a thing or two about balance myself. Apparently not. I demonstrated this when I neared the final stages of completing my Artist Trading Block (ATB) Circus Cannon. There I was–cheerfully working away with everything going smoothly. Then I attached the cannon barrel to the block and watched in dismay as the barrel lurched into the ground. If this was a real circus cannon, the circus girl would be shot straight into the elephant poop. Read the rest of this entry

Create a page with the greatest of ease (not so much)

Create a page with the greatest of ease (not so much)
Create a page with the greatest of ease (not so much)

Paper Calliope is a blog about crafting. It is unique in that it includes humor. The problem is today I’m not a wee bit funny. I’m coming off two long weeks of being sick. I’m crabby and I don’t walk across the room without lugging a box of tissues.

Since this is not a mommy blog you don’t get to hear why I’m crabby–that while I was sick the Husband™ went to conferences in the tropics and left me to single parent, or that while I was sick The Son™ broke the snowblower in the midst of the year’s worst snowstorm, or that while I was sick the dog upchucked all over the Persian rug or….See?! No mommy blogging here!. Nope, not one bit.

So yeah, I may not be funny, but you can be darn-tootin’ grateful I saved you from all that mommy blogging. Here, have a tissue for those tears of joy.

circ-finished-20140223_191853-web-1 Read the rest of this entry