Prima summer cone tutorial

Prima summer cone tutorial



Awhile back I posted several different Prima projects. Today, I want to share with you how to make the paper cones. They are relatively easy and a super fun way to decorate your home for summer or for different holidays.

How to make summer cone

Step 1–To begin, decide what sort of theme you want your cone to have. As you can see from my pictures, I made Fourth of July Cones, Summer Cones and Beach Cones. Once you have decided, select a color-appropriate 12 x 12 piece of cardstock and cut a wide arc from corner to the opposite corner.

Step 2–If you want to adhere any flat decorations to the cone, such as the stripes of Prima paper I added to the cone below, now is the time to do so,


Step 3–Roll the cardstock into a cone shape and glue it together.

Step 4–Punch either two or three holes about an inch from the top of the cone and thread ribbon or beads into the holes to make a handle.


How to make summer cone decorations

Step 5–To make rosettes for your cone, cut a narrow (1-1.5″) strip of Prima paper. If you are using a paper from a smaller 6″ x 6″ book, you can adhere two pieces together to make a longer strip. Distress the edges with ink.


Step 6–Score the paper every 1/2″.


Step 7–Fanfold the paper along the score marks.


Step 8–Glue the ends of the fanfold strip to each other to form an accordion circle. Make sure the joints of the glue strips form a continuous zig-zag.


Step 9–Hold the accordion strip up so that it stands on one edge. Using both hands, gently flatten the upper edge of the circle down towards the center. While holding the rosette in place, place hot glue in the center circle and hold in place until the glue hardens

Step 10–Diecut a layered flower, assemble, add glitter and adhere on top of the rosette. Adhere to the outside of the cone


Step 11–You can also cover chipboard shapes with stamped metal. Add a little ink to give the metal a nice patina.


Filling the cones

Step 12–Stuff tissue paper into the bottom of the cone in a color that coordinates well with your theme and colors.

Step 16–Then select materials–including ones you have made such as rosettes, flowers and metal chipboard shapes; items from nature such as shells, moss and pebbles; and wonderfully color coordinated Prima Marketing products such as flowers, gemstones and resins. Arrange these items within the cone and hot glue in place.



Awesome stuff I used


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