Make a vintage Halloween wreath & fa la la all the way into the holidays

Make a vintage Halloween wreath & fa la la all the way into the holidays



It is the end of October. Tomorrow is Halloween. Yet, my Pinterest feed is inundated with Christmas projects. When I head to Target, I make a beeline to see what’s new in the the Christmas section. The Daughter™ has even begun singing Christmas carols.


Don’t worry, you won’t find me griping about stores bringing out Christmas too early. I secretly love it.* My problem (or at least one I am willing to discuss with everyone on the Blogosphere) is that for the last few days of Paper Calliope’s 13 Days of October, I have been having trouble staying in the Halloween spirit.

It is only appropriate then, that for Day 13, I bring just a hint of Christmas to my project by making some Halloween wreaths.

These came about because The Husband™ was walking through Walmart and saw some inexpensive straws that he thought I would like. He was so sweet and thoughtful that I rewarded him by sending him straight back to the store to get dozens more of the things.

I made the wreaths by hot gluing the straws into a foam ring, but you could also just glue them onto a chipboard circle. .

I then found some cute-as-can-be vintage printables on the internet, made a few rosettes and put it all together. I put links to the printables here in my Pinterest board and you can find a tutorial on making rosettes in my earlier post.

There. Our 13 days are complete. Happy Halloween! Time to drag out the Christmas decorations.



*By secretly I mean, telling the entire Blogosphere about it.

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