Just hangin’ around

Just hangin’ around

So many elements go into this mixed media piece–layered background paper, mica stained glass windows, National Geographic background paper, an old dictionary page and even a tiny little noose.

To begin making this piece, give your Gypsy Soul chipboard elements a basic coating of acrylic paint–white for the skeleton and ivory for one of the arched window frames. Apply black ink to the edges of the skeleton.

Once the paint has dried, use a black pen to make crackle marks on your painted window. The picture below shows the start of t his process.

Rub black ink all over the second window frame and the tree.

Take a sheet of mica and peel it so you have a thin layer. Coat it with embossing ink and then sprinkle translucent embossing powders on it and activate with heat gun. This will create your stained glass. Cut out the mica to fit the window slots and glue to the back of your painted window frame.

Make a tiny noose from twine and place it around the skeleton’s head. Draw spooky eyes onto another background paper. I used a CitraSolv treated National Geographic page.

Glue the free end of the noose to the black window frame, then glue the painted window frame with mica windows onto the black window frame. Adhere the entire set to your spooky eye background page.

Next begin layering the pieces: glue the window set to the tree and glue onto decorative paper. Adhere all of that to the vintage dictionary page.

Create a background page by dry brushing layer upon layer of acrylic paint onto it.

Trim down the dictionary page, distress the edges with brown ink and use matte medium to adhere the whole thing to your painted background paper. 

Ink the edges of the background paper with black ink. Then apply embossing ink to the edges and cover with Black Magic embossing powder. Activate with heat gun.

The black embossing powder adds a nice frame to your piece and it is now ready for “hanging” in your home.

Happy Saturday! -Betsy

Great Stuff

  • Skeleton Shape Set
  • Arched Window Frames
  • Tree 1
  • Mica sheet
  • Embossing ink
  • Seth Apter Translucent Baked Powders
  • Eileen Hull Black Magic Baking Powder
  • Cold press watercolor paper
  • Stamperia Paper
  • Vintage dictionary page
  • National Geographic CitraSolve page
  • Black ink
  • Black pen
  • Acrylic paints

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