Expanding Christmas Journal Part 2

Expanding Christmas Journal Part 2
Expanding Christmas Journal Part 2

This Expanding Christmas Journal is brimming with tags, magnetic enclosures and deep pockets so that you can store almost unlimited Christmas memories, photos, ideas or recipes.


Because the tutorial for the Expanding Christmas Journal is so detailed, I decided to break it up into two parts. In case you have not seen Part 1 of the tutorial at Gypsy Soul to learn how to create the album base and the surprise fold-outs,I thought I would first provide a recap of the book. If you have already seen Part 1, then continue below for the rest of the tutorial.


This Christmas Journal is perfect to give as a treasured handmade gift or you can use it to store your own holiday memories.



The six inserts in the Christmas Journal offer a place to stash decorative tags or keepsakes.



The Christmas Journal includes pockets and many tags.




  It even has surprise fold-out pages.



Magnetic flaps keep everything tidy and add extra journaling space.




Hidden magnets also make it easy to store loose ephemera.



Waterfall inserts inside the book are perfect for small pictures or notes.







Another surprise fold-out page is augmented by another flap.





Just when you think there can’t be more surprises, a Trifold Pocket adds more pockets.






What can bring more cheer than a Santa holding a candy cane?


Belly bands offer another way to tuck tags or other material away in this Christmas Journal.

As you can see, a lot goes into making this book. To break things up a bit, I split the tutorial into two parts. Keep reading below for Part Two of the tutorial, or visit Gypsy Soul for Part One.

Tutorial Part Two–Continue making the expanding Christmas Journal

Now that your book base is complete, you can begin making each of the pages.

GSL Christmas Journal by Betsy Skagen-190517

I won’t give detailed instructions for every single page, because the basic concept is the same. Instead, I will offer specific instructions for creating some of the unique attributes.

Begin by cutting 10 decorative papers approximately 4 1/2″ x 7 3/8″ to accompany your insert pages. Basically, you want these pages to be slightly smaller than the base pages so that they will have a black border. Like you did with the base pages, trace the diagonal cuts of your insert pages onto each decorative page and cut off these corners.


Repeat this process for 10 decorative pages. (You can also use solid colored cardstock for any of these pages). Cut these approximately 4.25″ x 7.25″ so that they will be slightly smaller than the regular base pages.

Use these 20 decorative pages to create your basic page. However, don’t be too quick to adhere them to the page until you determine if anything needs to be attached underneath. For the first four pages you can go ahead and adhere it to your black base page.

GSL Christmas Journal Base Paper-0122

Page Two features a modified belly band. Take one of the belly band and give it another score line so that when folded it will be 4.25″ long. Add decorative cardstock to the front of the band and adhere it onto the page.

GSL Christmas Journal Base Paper-0127

Page Five also features a belly band, but this one is slightly different. First add decorative paper to the belly band. Then, before adhering your decorative base down, turn it over and attach the tabs of the belly band to the back side. Now go ahead and adhere the decorative paper with the belly band to the base.

GSL Christmas Journal Base Paper-0131

Making Page Six is similar to making the second belly band page. First cut a 6.5″ x 3″ piece from red cardstock and black cardstock. Stack these together and use a punch to create a decorative border along one of the long edges.Slightly shift the red cardstock so that the black cardstock is slightly visible through the decorative punches and adhere the red to the black.

Next, make a score line  1.5″ from each edge. Make two more score lines 1/8″ outside of the first two scores from the first scores. Fold at each of the four scores. Fold the tabs under your the paper you will be using as your decorative base and adhere to the back side. Add double-sided adhesive to the bottom of the pocket.

GSL Christmas Journal Base Paper-0135

To make the pages with the surprise fold-outs, use a glue dot to adhere a magnet to your base page. Place another magnet on top of the first magnet and add a glue dot to the top of this pile. Close your fold-out and press firmly. Carefully pull the fold-out apart and the two magnets will now be correctly aligned.


Create the flap for the top of the pages by cutting out the santa image from the paper pack.

Next cut a 7″ x 2 3/8″ piece of black cardstock. Make a scoreline 2″ from one end. Use a decorative punch on another strip of black cardstock to make a border and adhere the border to the end opposite the scoreline.

GSL Christmas Journal by Betsy Skagen-183011Select two decorative cardstocks from your precut stash of insert pages. Trim approximately 1.5″ from the end of these papers so that they are slightly smaller the the upper fold-out.

Add the Santa image to the front of the black flap.

GSL Christmas Journal by Betsy Skagen-183031

Fold the black cardstock at the scoreline and adhere it to the back of one of the shortened base papers. Adhere a magnet to the back of this paper and then glue the entire page onto the front of your foldout.

GSL Christmas Journal by Betsy Skagen-183241

Let a second magnet attach itself to this page. Place a glue dot on top of it and firmly press the black flap on top of it. Carefully pull the flap upward again so that the magnet is correctly positioned on the black flap. Use another piece of black cardstock to cover the magnet and where you adhered the border.

Now add the remaining shorter paper to the inside top flap and another piece of paper to the lower section. Glue on some holiday embellishments and your page is complete.



To begin making the Waterfall Booklet on Page Nine, cut four pieces of 3.75″ x 3.5″ black cardstock. Score each piece 1/4″ from the left edge so that when folded each piece will be a 3.5″ square. Place score tape on the bottom of each of the 1/4″ tabs.

Adhere the squares in a waterfall fashion to one of your large decorative (or solid color) base pages. Glue a magnet to the inside top square.

GSL Christmas Journal by Betsy Skagen-150242

Holding the waterfall papers closed, flip the entire thing over and let magnetic force show you where to place a magnet on the backside. Add adhesive and place into the book.

GSL Christmas Journal by Betsy Skagen-150146

Add decorative 3″ squares to each of the waterfall pages.


To make the trifold mini page, first cover the Trifold Pocket Mini with black cardstock.


Use double-sided adhesive to adhere the sides of each pocket. Then add magnets so that each pocket flap will stay closed.


Fold up the book and place two additional magnets so that the trifold book will remain closed.Finish the trifold by adding decorative paper.



Use the same techniques discussed in the tutorial to make additional flaps and belly bands.



The Journal features many tags. Cut decorative paper to fit the front and back of each of the tag bases that you already prepared. If you wish, you can use one of the original tags as a template to make additional tags.

Use the Tim Holtz Tag Press, decorative paper and stickers to make metal rimmed tags. Punch holes in both the tags and the metal circle tags. String bakers twine in Christmas colors through holes you punch to add the circle tags.

The final step for the Christmas Journal (other than personalizing with your own embellishments) is to complete the cover.

Cut a 5.5 x 9.25 piece of black cardstock. Make a score at 3″. Use a strong glue to adhere the first section to the back front cover. Press the cardstock around the closed journal to gain an accurate placement for the second score. Make the second score and then adhere the remaining two sections to the spine and front cover.

GSL Christmas Journal by Betsy Skagen-172254Cut four 8.5 x 5.5 piece of black cardstock and use the covers from the kit to trace the corners to cut. Adhere the cardstock to the inside and outside covers.

Cut four 8.25″ x 5.25″ pieces of decorative cardstock. Use the book covers to trace the corners to trim. Then adhere the decorative papers to the interior and exterior covers.

GSL Christmas Journal by Betsy Skagen-171312

Add decorative elements and your Christmas Journal is complete!


Great Stuff

Tag Book–Coming soon to Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts!

Trifold Pocket Mini

Authentique 12 x 12 Jingle Collection Kit

Authentique Jingle 6 x 6 pack

Authentique Classic Eight paper

Black Tyvek

Large pack of black cardstock

Red, green, aqua and light blue cardstock

Black foamcore

Large package of micro magnets

Decorative paper punches

Hole punch

Tim Holtz Tag Press

Tim Holtz Tag Press Rings

Glossy Accents

Whisker Graphics Bakers Twine



Christmas embellishments

Double-sided tape with liner

Two-sided Adhesive with liner


Beacon Fabri-Tac


I love reading your comments and questions. Comment away!