Create your own mixed media elements

Create your own mixed media elements
Create your own mixed media elements

Let’s face it, thousands upon thousands of crafters, myself included, use the same mass-produced decorative elements in their projects. However, there is another option. If you don’t want your art to feature the same materials hordes of other artists are using, you can easily create your own elements. Art-Journal-Embellishments--by-Betsy-Skagen-0037-2

By applying mixed media techniques to chipboard elements you add unique texture and interest to journal pages and other craft projects. This particular journal page combines some of those mass produced decorations with elements I created.

I recently was lucky enough to attend a mixed media class by artist Seth Apter. If you have the chance, I highly recommend taking one of his classes. The class inspired me to tweak a couple of Apter’s techniques to make my own mixed media elements.

This project wouldn’t be possible without Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts. I hope you stop by their blog to see many great tutorials.


Tutorial on How to Make Mixed Media Elements


Before we begin, I just want to note that while I adapt some of Seth’s techniques to create my own process, this tutorial does not cover the wonderful techniques Seth teaches in his classes.

Begin by punching out the chipboard. Use a utility knife to cut the tiny segments that keep the chipboard intact for shipping.


Next, cover the chain with black gesso.


After the gesso dries, dry brush Quinacridone Gold and yellow acrylic paint over the surface.


 Dry the paint with a heat gun. Don’t worry if you overheat and get a few bubbles as that will add to the finished texture.


Cover the entire surface with embossing ink.


Cover with Chunky Rust Embossing Powder and set with heat. Repeat until you get the effect you want.


 Adhere your elements to a journal page that you have prepared and your project is complete. Have fun creating your own mixed media elements!


Great Stuff

Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts Flourished Chain Small

Black gesso

Quinacridone Nickle Azo Gold acrylic paint

Yellow acrylic paint

Embossing ink

Seth Apter Chunky Rust Embossing Powder


7Gypsies Architextures typewriter element

Tim Holtz word band

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  1. Wonderful page and I love that each piece will be truly unique! I hope to one day be fortunate enough to learn from Seth, he is an incredible artist, you’ve used the technique wonderfully.

  2. Love the element you created Betsy and totally agree with you that everybody can use their creativity to make their own embellishments and channel their own creativity.

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