Crafting is exactly like Breaking Bad

Crafting is exactly like Breaking Bad

2014-01-27 13.29.36

Help! I couldn’t update my blog because my pc was tombed beneath layers of polyurethane. Luckily, since the only way my life parallels Walter White’s is that my son is a teenager, I’m not engaged in any nefarious meth-related violence. No, I’m not wrapping bodies up in poly and finding the nearest 55 gallon drum–although admittedly if certain family members had kept pushing my buttons yesterday, it might have become a tempting option.

Instead, my blogging was thwarted by the world’s slowest studio makeover. I began it last fall when I purged unneeded materials and organized my supplies into row upon glorious row of labelled cannisters, bins, racks and drawers. I was proud to prove that I am not a hoarder. Really, I just don’t understand why non-artsy people cannot fathom a logical reason to hang onto a rusty gear or beads from a broken necklace.

There’s a valid reason artists hang on to rusty crap

I sold many of the purged items to other crafters. The rest went to charity, recycling and garbage. To set the record straight, (1) I am definitely not a hoarder (2) I did not use any of the proceeds to buy more craft supplies* (3) Proving that I am not a hoarder, I actually ended up needing some of the items I had purged and regretted ever getting rid of them. (4) After several craft projects, all my beautifully organized supplies are now a vomited mess on my studio tables, floor, every available sitting space and dog bed (kind of like a meth addict’s house, except it is all crafting supplies).

Another step in the world’s slowest studio makeover took place this weekend when I painted some of the walls a deep teal. My overall goal is to give the studio an industrial chic look, featuring the colors of teal and rust. I have many Pinterest pages devoted to the subject, if you think my idea is so cool that you want to be just like me. Matter of fact, you can probably do it better, because i am doing it on a strict budget–and by strict I mean the budget will cover the cost of one gallon of paint and some masking tape**.

“Mixed Media Art Causes Panic Attack”–bound to be the next blog entry

My next steps are to clean up both the gigantic mess I made while painting and (again) clean up the studio craft-vomit. After that I need to address a recent mixed media layout that has caused immense anxiety. Matter of fact, I spent the entire time I was painting studio walls ruminating, worrying and beating myself up about this mixed media piece. I’m pretty sure that will be my next blog posting.

A mid- clean up view of some of my painting mess. Doesn't look so bad from here.

A mid- clean up view of some of my painting mess. Doesn’t look so bad from here (looks can be deceiving).

I hope you like the studio makeover so far. By this time next year, I expect it will be gracing the covers of every Somerset Studios and Cloth Paper Scissors publication. Of course, they will have to post “Bibs Required” warning notices because of all the drooling that will ensue.


* This is a lie.

** I had masking tape, but I threw it away during my purge. This proves my point that we artists are not hoarders and we should never throw anything away.***

***Admittedly, the masking tape was unusable because it was so old that it had melded together into a sticky glob. But still. you see my point.




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  1. ROTFLMBO!! It was not so funny when I did the exact same thing. And, NO, I’m not laughing AT YOU for your troubles in your studio. I’m laughing because I see how totally anal I was about my craft room and what I would look like to someone on the outside. Man, I’m digging my hole even deeper here :/ I’m trying to compliment you on your humor in this situation and the great read your post has been. I’d better quit since I’m already behind :/


    • Leslie, Thank you so much for laughing WITH me. Of course, you are welcome to laugh at me as well. 😉 It’s weird–in one way I’m anal, but in another I am a total slob. I long for a beautiful studio that inspires creativity and calms the soul, yet it usually looks like a tornado just hit. I cannot craft neatly to save my life. My floor literally gets covered in materials that I’m contemplating using, have used a snippet of, or have contemplated and discarded. Feel free to offer advice! – Betsy

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