Check out this magical walking jelly bean factory

Check out this magical walking jelly bean factory

You might think you know how jellybeans are made, but you probably haven’t seen this walking egg jellybean factory full of colorful gizmos!

This is a great project to make with your kids this spring. Plus, since Easter is tomorrow, you may very well have some spare jellybeans on hand, making it extra easy.

To make this fun Jellybean Factory, begin by using a craft knife to cut the secondary eggs off the Little Easter Egg Niche

Adhere colorful paper to the front of the egg and trim. Cut another piece of colorful paper to fit the inside of the niche, but don’t adhere it in place yet.

Use the same process to apply colorful paper to three Propellers

Glue the edges of the niche box with a strong glue, such as Beacon Fabri-Tac. Hold in place with masking tape while it dries. 

Next, it is time to create some chicken legs. Bend some wire into the shape of chicken legs. 

Normally, I would then use a paper clay to form the legs around the wire, but since most of my studio is currently in storage as we are preparing to move, I instead used Rigid Wrap paper mache. I absolutely love using Rigid Wrap, but I will admit it wasn’t the easiest way to create the legs. 

To use the Rigid Wrap, cut it into small strips, drop it for a few moments into a cup of water and then gently squeeze it between your fingers. Wrap the material around your wire form to shape the legs. Leave 1/4″ of wire free at the top of each leg. Once you have the legs shaped, let it dry for a few hours. 

Next, fold aluminium foil into long strips to make a form for your jelly bean conveyor belt. 

The Rigid Wrap was great, however for making the conveyor belt. Wrap the wet wrap around the foil and shape the conveyor belt into fun loops and swoops. I suggest laying your egg shaped piece on the desktop and forming the conveyor belt loosely around it. Set the conveyor belt aside to dry. 

Once the legs and conveyor belt are dry, go ahead and paint them with acrylic paint. 

After the paint is dry, pierce the wire at the top of the legs through the bottom of the niche box. Fold the wire down to hold it legs in place and then add hot glue to further secure them. 

Now, go ahead and adhere the paper inside the niche and then adhere the niche to the back of the egg. 

Cut three colorful strips of paper and adhere at an angle inside the niche to create a multi-tiered conveyor belt. 

Cut three hat pins to about a half inch length. Push each pin through a propeller, then a small bead and then through the egg. Add hot glue to pin on the back of the egg to secure it in place.

Trace the shape of your small box or tin (I used a tiny loaf pan) onto colorful paper and cut out. Apply matte medium to both the box and the back of the paper and adhere in place. After it dries, adhere two layers of colorful Dresden trim to the box. 

Next, use a strong adhesive to adhere the chicken legs to the box. Once it securely dries, adhere the conveyor belt to the egg and box. 

For a sweet finishing touch, hot glue miniature jelly beans to  your factory. 

I wish you all a happy Easter filled with delicious jelly beans! –Betsy

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