Celebrate the past and future with this calendar gift card book

Celebrate the past and future with this calendar gift card book


So it was just a week ago that my 8.5 ounce baby boy was born. Well….a week and 18 years ago. It feels like a few days ago. Cliche or not, where the hell did the time go?

Since he is past the age of wanting action figures for presents and since he is always broke, his dad and I decided to give him small denomination gift cards that he can use throughout the year. I tied it into the chance to remind him about the incredibly awesome parents who threw so many over-the-top theme birthday parties over the years. Aaaannnnd, since I’m still Mom, I decided to also use the opportunity to boost his awareness about Mother’s Day other important days throughout the year.



I used Whisker Graphics cool flashcard calendars to make this gift tag book. Then I added lots of color, photos and fun Bitty Bags before sliding in the gift cards.













Calendar gift

Tutorial: How to make a calendar gift card book






Step 1

Using a blending tool, ink each back of the Whisker Graphics calendar cards.

Step 2

On the back of each card, adhere one Little Bitty Bag, so that the extra flap hangs over the edge of the card.


Step 3

Adhere a photo to the back of each card.

Step 4 

To make the book binding, use the title card from the calendar flashcard set and score 24 lines 1/4 inch apart . Leave at least a half inch on each end of the score marks.



Step 5

Peel off the protective cover of one side of line adhesive tape and adhere to every other raised surface. Then peel off the other protective cover and adhere each calendar card in place.


Step 6

Adhere the front and back the calendar book.

Step 7

Cut a 2 3/4″ x 5″ piece of dark red cardstock. Center it over the book binding and adhere it to the front and back covers.


Step 8

Cut  a length of red Divine Twine and adhere it with tape to the back cover so that it forms a loose loop that will fit over a button on the front.


Step 9

Trim the sides of a Red Polka Dot Kraft Middy Bitty Bag and gently pull the end seam apart. Cut paper into two 6 1/2″ x 4 1/2″ pieces.


Step 10

Cover the  front and back covers with the red polka dot  paper, folding the excess inside like you are wrapping a present. On the back cover, stop midway and carefully punch a hole in the paper so that it aligns with the Divine Twine. Then continue adhering the paper.


Step 11

Cut two 5 1/2″ x 2 1/2″ pieces of the same red cardstock and adhere over the inside flaps of the book covers.


Step 12

Attach a button, picture and title to the front cover.

Step 13

Add personal dates to each calendar page

Step 14

Add gift cards to each Bitty Bag and seal with a Petite Sticky.

The Present

Oh, in case you are wondering…. Did my son show self-restraint and only open this month’s gift card? Hell no!

I would use this as evidence that 18-year-olds are not yet mature, but my husband said he wouldn’t wait for each month either. So maybe it just proves that all little boys never really grow up.


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