Beware of homicidal parrots when creating altered art

Beware of homicidal parrots when creating altered art


I didn’t know parrots were bullies until I created this little altered art project for Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts. Hopefully not all parrots are such big meanies, and these guys are just a bad lot.

As you can see, they convinced this dim-witted lass that she can fly–that’s why she is precariously on the edge of the house, readying to launch herself into the air.


I wonder, is that yellow bird whispering in her ear telling her to stop or egging her on? (you did see what I did there, didn’t you? Birds > Eggs = Giggle Snort.)


Tutorial–How to make the altered art bird brain house

Now that you have recovered from being dazzled by that pun, you can find out how to make this little project. Begin by assembling and gluing the Mini House Shadowbox 4. Ignore the torn finish on the shadowbox in the picture below. I had it temporarily held together with some tape and wasn’t careful enough when I removed it. It makes no difference for our project.


This shadowbox is so sweet. It is only four inches tall! It would be perfect for little fairies, elves or your kid’s pet night crawler (ewww).


Next, give it a quick coat of aqua paint. Don’t worry about making this perfect as you want a distressed look.

Emboss the entire house with Verdigris Sparkle. Before setting the embossing powder with heat, intentionally swipe with a small cotton swab to remove some of the embossing.


After the embossing has set, add extra dimension by rubbing the edges with a brown ink pad.

Cut out the images you are going to use from your collage sheets. Then use a hot glue gun to adhere plastic greenery to the inside of the house.


Next adhere the background parrots.

Layer the rest of the birds, the nest and the girl. You can’t see it because of the message, but I actually sliced open the nest to slide one of the girl’s feet inside it.

Print out your message, ink it with tea dye distress ink and adhere it to the bottom of the box.


Have you ever encountered any strange parrots in your life? I met a parrot at a Jewish-based post-hospital care facility that wished everyone a Merry Christmas and made loud catcalls to the elderly ladies.

I hope everyone has a fantastic Saturday. Make sure you stay away from any homicidal parrots!

Great Stuff

Mini House Shadowbox 4

A Trip to the Zoo #1

All About Birds

Plastic ferns

Hot glue gun

Ink jet printer

Tea Dye Distress Ink Pad

Vintage Photo Distress Ink Pad

Ranger Aqua Acrylic dabber

Verdigras Sparkle embossing powder


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  1. OMG – who knew parrots were the Mrs. Danverses of the bird world?! “go ahead – jump!”
    LOL – this is fan-frickin-tastic! Not only lovely on first look – but then so amusing and clever when viewed more closely. One of my favorite small pieces of yours!!

  2. This is absolutely the best thing I’ve seen all week, and I’ve seen some really great stuff this week! I love everything about it. Everything.

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