April Showers bring…Paper umbrellas!

April Showers bring…Paper umbrellas!
April Showers bring…Paper umbrellas!


Wheeeeeeeee! It’s spring! Unfortunately, here in the Great White North, spring is a relative term. We may not have cherry blossoms and lilacs yet, but at least the snow is mostly melted.

Even if the weather is not cooperative, everyone knows that April showers bring May flowers. Of course, April showers also bring a need for umbrellas. Here at Paper Calliope, that means lots and lots of colorful polka-dotted paper umbrellas!



Tutorial: How to make a Paper Umbrella Wreath


Step 1 Begin by drawing two circles onto a Polka Dot Middy Bitty Bag.

Step 2 Stack together one each of orange, yellow, light blue, green and purple Polka Dot Middy Bitty Bags and cut out the circles. Each bag will then produce four circles. Repeat this process until you have at least 32 circles.


Step 3 Cut a triangle wedge from each circle. Then punch a hole in the center of each circle.


Step 4 With colored markers that coordinate with the colors of the polka dots, line the edges of each circle.

Step 5 Squeeze a line of glue along the edge of each circle and liberally sprinkle with glitter that coordinates with the color of the polka dots. Repeat for all circles and let dry.


Step 6 Spread glue on three wooden butterflies. Sprinkle glitter that matches the polka dots onto the butterflies. Once dry, turn over and repeat for the other side.


Step 7 Cut several lollipop sticks into thirds. You can usually find these in the baking aisle of your local craft store. Using the same colored markers, color one end of each stick so that you have as many orange, yellow, light blue, green and purple tipped sticks as you do coordinating circles.


Step 8 Bring the sides of one of your polka dot circles together and glue, forming an umbrella shape. Take a stick that has the same color end as the polka dots and place hot glue about 1/4 inch down from the tip. From the underneath side of the umbrella, slide the stick into the hole and hold until the glue dries. Repeat this process for each circle.

Step 9 Cut a long piece of Green Apple Divine Twine Petites and tie it tightly around the wreath so that you make a loop for hanging the wreath.

Step 10 Push the sticks of the umbrellas into a foam wreath, layering the umbrellas in a pleasing pattern. If you wish, you can secure these further with a dab of glue at the end of the sticks.


Step 11 Cut three lengths of colorful wire. Wrap the wire around each butterfly. Then wrap the wire around a pencil or pen to create a coil. Tie the wire onto the wreath. Hang your wreath on an interior door or wall and enjoy!


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  1. I could actually make this! Not to many ingredients! Fairly straight forward. Paper, markers, glue, glitter, sticks. Super cute! How do you come up with all of your ideas?

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