A pink retro laundry room? No problem (if it’s in miniature)

A pink retro laundry room? No problem (if it’s in miniature)


Let’s face it, doing the laundry would be so much more fun with a retro pink washer and dryer.


Can you spy what else has made this mid-century homemaker so happy?


Thanks to the pairing up of Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts and Canvas Corp Brands, those of us who can’t have a life-size retro pink laundry room can at least make one in miniature.


Heck, with a little ingenuity, we can even have a sink bursting with bubbles!


Bringing the laundry room together are all the little details. You can easily make the Happy Homemakervintage laundry boxes and the jar labels (and a whole lot more) from retro papers I designed.


Pop on over to Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts for a complete tutorial on making this fun project.

Great Stuff

3 inch-cube (two) Coming soon to Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts

Tile Top Table

Window 4 Panel

9″ x 9″ squares of foam core (three) or Room Box set

7gypsies Architextures Junque Pack Attic

7gypsies Architextures 8 x 8 paper pad

Canvas Corp Blue & Ivory Mini Dot Reverse

Canvas Corp Pink & Ivory Mini Dot Reverse

7gypsies Trousseau 8 x 8 paper pad (retired)

Vintage Laundry #1

Vintage Laundry #2

Retro Pink Household

Beacon Fabri-Tac

Twinklets Diamond Dust

Glass jars

Set of unlabelled jars, bottles and tins

Metal mouse

Small plastic container

Silver foil tape sheet

Starburst punch

Assorted beads

Assorted miniature items from personal collection

Matte medium

Gloss gel medium


Narrow wooden dowels


Fabric mesh

White nylon string

Thin chipboard

Acrylic paint

Hot glue gun

Corrugator paper crimper


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  1. Oh my goodness!. I am so glad Tristan sent you over to join us for Pink Saturday. Welcome. I am loving this pink laundry room. My mom would have been in pink bliss in there.♥

    This post is being featured on my Pink Saturday post this week as “the one that caught my eye”. Thanks for sharing.

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