A holiday feast for the eyes–and no impact on your thighs

A holiday feast for the eyes–and no impact on your thighs


Here’s a holiday dessert that is completely guilt free (unless you have some weird paper eating fetish).


I made it by layering cardboard cake rounds between wooden spools that I painted white. I created a base out of a round tin that you can actually open to store little bits and bobs inside.

After that, it was simply a matter of layering different laces, garlands, lots of everyday elements and holiday ornaments.


Great Stuff

Collage Sheets

Santa is Outside

Mini Christmas Titles


Christmas Delivery 6 x 6 Pad

Classic Christmas 6 x 6 Paper Pad

White glitter cardstock

Silver glitter cardstock


House Ornament

House Ornament Window Trims


Retro Bottle Brush Tree Set

Twinklets Diamond Dust

Deco Arts Snow Tex

Cake rounds

Paper doilies

Round tin

Wooden spools

White acrylic paint

Silver acrylic paint

Beacon 3 in 1

Beacon Fabri-Tac

White lace

Red tinsel garland

Assorted doo dads

Holiday ornaments

Scrabble letters

Game pieces


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  1. Fantastic. I bet you could look at this several times and see something new each time. As a miniature maker, I’m always looking for interesting ways to display my collections.This is a really nice idea for display.

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