Make festive holiday honeycomb ornaments

Make festive holiday honeycomb ornaments
Make festive holiday honeycomb ornaments




If you need a truly eye-catching gift or just want to make your own Christmas tree more festive, try making these honeycomb ornaments.


Step 1

Depending on the size of the ornament you want, gather six to 12  Whisker Graphics Middy Bitty Bags of the same pattern and color and cut in half vertically so that the side folds remain intact.

Step 2

For a smaller ornament, cut these sections again in half horizontally (in essence dividing a single bag into four sections), or leave as is for a larger ornament.


Step 3

On a scratch piece of paper, draw a template for your ornament. trace this onto a few of your pre-cut sections, with the flat edge against the folded side of each bag section.

 Step 4

Stack a few bags atop of each other, making sure the folded side of the bag sections all line up. Place the section with the tracing on the top of the pile and cut these out together. Repeat this process until you have cut out 18 to 24 ornaments, making sure you have an even number of them.

Step 5

Turn each folded ornament inside out.


Step 6

Glue the ornament sections back to back, creating a fan of ornaments. Let dry.


Step 7

Run a piece of Divine Twine down the center of the ornament and tape in place with clear tape. Glue the last two sections together so that the ornament forms a circle.

Step 8

On every other open page of the ornament, place a dot of glue in the top third of the ornament (using the same placement for each dot). Let dry.


Step 9

On the remaining alternating pages, place a dot of  glue in the bottom third of the ornament (using the same placement for each dot). Let dry.

Step 10

Fan out the ornament

Step 11

Using a small nozzle tip glue dispenser, apply glue to each edge of the ornament and cover in glitter. Do this in small sections, letting dry in between, to prevent glue drips. Let dry.


Step 12

Tie a pom-pom or jingle bell to the bottom of the ornament, if you desire.


How to make a pom-pom


Step 1

Wrap Whisker Graphics Divine Twine around one finger 75 to 100 times.  I used the Gold Metallic Divine Twine.


Step 2

Pull twine in one bundle off finger and lay it on top of another piece of twine that is about three inches long. The tunnel, where your finger was should lay across the twine horizontally.

Step 3

Tie the three inch piece of twine tightly around the bundle.

Step 4

Snip all the loops above and below your tie.

Step 5

Trim the twine until it forms a round pom-pom shape.

Stuff I used

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