Make a mixed media vintage junk journal

Make a mixed media vintage junk journal

This winter my friend and product designer, Eileen Hull, began a new education team and she was gracious enough to ask me to join it.

I was thrilled. However, even if I had wanted to say no, there was no way that would happen. If you are involved in the crafting word, you are probably familiar with Eileen’s products. She is most know for designing Sizzix dies, but she designs many other craft products as well. What you may not know–and the reason I could never turn down this opportunity–is that Eileen is one of the nicest people on earth.

Humble, kind, funny and down to earth–one would never guess from talking with Eileen that she is a rock star in the craft industry. She is also incredibly patient. I haven’t heard a peep from her about the fact that a couple months have passed by and I am just now posting my first project.

Part of my excuse is that my project kept growing. I created a mixed media vintage “guyish” journal, and I just kept adding pockets and folders.

Most of the pages have tags, pockets and fold-outs made from vintage ephemera and involve hidden magnets that snap close to keep everything in place.

As I mentioned, Eileen is really patient. Incredibly patient, actually. That turns out to be a good thing.

Eileen doesn’t know this yet, but the reason it is an especially good thing that she is so patient is because of this post.

You know those super annoying articles that lure you in with a promise to find some amazing piece of information and instead you end up having to swipe through page after page of repetitive text?

Well, I admit, that I am using a little bit of that tactic because I wanted Eileen and you to see most of the journal before I made an admission.

That’s why it is good that Eileen has so much patience. Because I know she will just laugh when I now disclose that I somehow managed to delete all my step-out tutorial photos for the journal.

I love you Eileen! Thank you for your patience!

The good news is that I can still show you how each page opens up and how I used those super-secret micro magnets.

The vintage milk cap on the inside front cover has one micro magnet hidden between it and the black Tyvek and another magnet hidden between the base Black Tyvek and the page.

The magnets easily holds in place the three tags I made from a vintage bank book.

I did basically the same thing on the next page, hiding the magnet behind the bingo card. This makes a nice folder, which then holds tags and other mementos in place.

On the opposite side, I stamped a flower on a small bag, adhered it to the page and added more tag made from ephemera.

I also lined each page with washi tape to reinforce the binding.

The file folder on the next page also has hidden magnets. The great thing about these magnets is that the folders then just automatically snap shut.

You can also see that I used a vintage game card as a tag on this page. Fun!

I created a pocket on one side of this spread and a door (with hidden magnets) that opens on the opposite side. The tag inside has a vintage image of a boy and room for journalling or pictures on the reverse side.

Remarkably for me, I kept some pages simple. This spread, for example, just has a simple pocket that holds a vintage game card.

More fun tags made from vintage ephemera fill this office-form pocket.

The last spread has another magnetic file folder and and larger pocket made from Eileen’s Notebook Pocket Die that can hold numerous tags or mementos.

Thanks to both you and Eileen for your patience about my missing step outs. If you have any specific questions on how to do something, please add it to the comments and I will do my best to answer.

Have a wonderful day! -Betsy

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  1. This is fantastic!!! I love it – and I can tell there’s a ton of work involved in it. You’ve inspired me! I need to make a junk journal … all my albums are for photos and ephemera/mementos. I should make one just for me with my favorite images!
    Thanks for this.

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