Keep you ephemera close by

Keep you ephemera close by
Keep you ephemera close by

There’s a good chance you have a lot of ephemera. I do too. However, I have it stored away in so many different places and in so many boxes, that I often can’t find it when I am in the middle of a project.

To combat this problem, I made a desktop ephemera storage box. While it certainly can’t hold all my ephemera, I can keep it filled with different odds and ends that I can use in upcoming projects.

Keeping some of your ephemera nearby is is especially helpful for those of you who like to make junk journals and art planners. What’s more, it makes for some fun eye candy.

Perhaps you are wondering if a storage container made from chipboard is strong enough to handle everyday use. I can assure you that you don’t need to worry as long as you put enough protective sealer on it.

I have made several of Gypsy Soul’s boxes. One I made four years ago gets used on a daily basis since I store my go-to art supplies in it. sits on my art table. It looks as good as the day I made it. 

To learn how to make the ephemera storage box and the tabbed dividers, be sure to visit the Gypsy Soul blog.

Once it is made, you can fill it up with your favorite goodies and enjoy!

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  1. I like that you can fit so much in it and yet it looks wonderful sitting out too. I have ephemera all over the place too. I’ll have to ponder how to store it better. =)

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