It’s plaid to see

It’s plaid to see

Buffalo Plaid is all the rage right now. I especially love my plaid purse I picked up on ebay last year. It is what inspired me to create this holiday ornament. 

There is plenty of texture in this shadow box ornament–from plaid, to billowy wisps of snow, to deep black glitter. 

To make this ornament, begin by assembling the Fold Up Box Oval and covering both the inside and outside with plaid paper. Use a utility knife to cut out the oval window.

Ink the edges with embossing ink, cover with Black Magic Embossing Powder and activate with heat gun. Assemble the two pieces of the box and adhere together with glue.

Punch two holes in the top of the box thread black velvet ribbon through. Tie and adhere to the inside top of the box. Because my ribbon was wider, I folded my ribbon in half and glued it together to form a narrow thick velvet rope. 

 Paint a plastic toy deer with matte medium and cover with black glitter. 

While the deer is drying, completely cover the front of one large and three small metal stars with embossing ink. Dip in Black Magic Embossing Powder and heat until the embossing powder turns to liquid and fully covers the stars. Repeat if necessary. While the embossing powder is still hot, sprinkle black glitter over the stars and let cool. 

Use a strong adhesive to adhere the deer and stars to the box. After the glue thoroughly dries, pull apart a cotton ball and glue it to the bottom of the box. Dab white Stickle glue to the cotton to add a little shimmer. 

To finish your box, print a message on your home printer, adhere it to some glitter paper and glue it to the front of your box. 

All that is left is to hang your ornament on your tree! –Betsy

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  1. This project is fantastic! I love the current fad with Buffalo plaid too! The black accents really play off the red. Great job!

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