Hard hat required

Hard hat required

“Please Pardon the Inconvenience”. You know when you see that pain-in-the-ass phrase that you are in for endless delays and administrative purgatory.

So, I’m really sorry to say this, but please pardon the inconvenience as I move Paper Calliope’s hosting.

Hiccup #1

Unfortunately, the ability for you to subscribe to this blog keeps disappearing today. I’m working hard to fix this. You are important to me! Please visit again soon when I have this fixed so you can subscribe. You really are important. Maybe II will bake you some chocolate chip cookies, just to prove it.

Why am I inflicting this pain?

I’m moving Paper Calliope so that eventually my blog to look something like this:

Future Paper Calliope?

Future Paper Calliope?

Unfortunately, this is not possible using WordPress as the host. As the site migrates to the new host, there may be construction dust and delays for a day or two. In the end though, you will be able to continue to see the Paper Calliope blog at www.papercalliope.com.

Initially you won’t notice any differences except for some additional share buttons, such as the +One Google button. Eventually, after my blogging settles in for the long haul, I will customize my blog design.

In the meantime. keep your hard hat nearby and know that everything should* be operational by Wednesday. *We all know what can happen when, oh for example, organization like the U.S. government make promises about website functionality. If anything goes wrong, it’s my dog’s fault. I think she ate the manual.

I love reading your comments and questions. Comment away!